The Canadian ‘Bed in a Box’ – Endy Mattress Review

The day that our Endy mattress rolled in, Ezra was yelling out the window so loud, that our entire street could probably hear that we were about to experience the Endy. ‘Mommy! Mommy! The bed man is here!!’ Jumping up and down with excitement as the mail man awkwardly walked up to our door to deliver the BOX. Yes, you read correctly, a box. In fact, a box that is about 1/4 the size of the actual mattress. When I first saw the mattress being unloaded, I assumed that it was the box for the pillows, but then three more smaller boxes made their way to our door as well. I thought that the size must be wrong, so I double checked, nope. It’s correct and all accounted for. We brought the mattress inside, and there, the magic happened and the great story of the ‘Bed in a Box’ unfolded. (Literally)

Knowing that we were about to witness something amazing, we made sure we set up our camera to capture the moment. During the unboxing you’ll see both of my daughters make short appearances, but mainly Ezra just jumping in circles around little Isla. Notice how Isla doesn’t budge, even when Ezra jumps close to her! The mattress isn’t even fully inflated yet and it is already showing one of its amazing qualities, the ability to sleep soundly, even if your partner is moving around in their sleep!

[Check out our unboxing video below]

Since I shared about trying out the Endy mattress, I have been receiving questions, “Is it comfortable?,””How long did it take to set up?,””Do you REALLY like it?,” and many more.  I thought that it would be best to put together a review for my first 30 nights with Endy! If there is anything I missed, please do reach out and ask or leave a note below!


The First Night:

I was so excited and practically giddy to get in to bed that night, but I’ve got to admit, much like a new pair of shoes, this mattress seemed awkward and too structured after the first sleep. When I woke up in the morning I did have doubts if this was going to be for us or not, but then the second night happened, and the third and the fourth and the rest is history! I was sold!

The mattress we had before Endy has lasted us for 9 years. NINE YEARS. At that point, I loved a pillow top mattress, something super soft and that I just sunk right into. Fast forward 9 years later and it is quite the opposite. I notice when I don’t have a good night sleep I am all bent out of shape the next day because of it. Sleep is SO important to me and my husband, with two girls under the age of three, you can imagine that a full nights sleep is quite rare in this household. I usually don’t ever count on a good night’s sleep, with midnight and 4am nursing sessions, toddler night terrors and a husband who snores, there’s just no way. Now add a run down mattress into the mix of that. Cheque Please!

We have been seriously considering shopping for a new mattress and that’s where Endy came in! After receiving our Endy, I could not believe the IMMEDIATE change in my sleep. After my midnight nursing sessions, I was falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was sleeping through snoring and I was waking up refreshed! One thing that I was so drawn to with Endy was the Mattress’ Comfort Foam. On the Endy website you can find more information like this: “The foam has a unique open-air cell structure that provides the perfect balance of comfort and support, plus temperature control, pressure relief, and reduced motion transfer. The foam’s open-air cell technology also enhances breathability and cooling throughout the night.” For me, temperature is something that I have always struggled with, my husband is a heater and I like to be a little bit cold when I sleep so I can curl up in my blanket! But now with our Endy, it’s no longer a problem!

Pillows + Sheets

Along with the mattress, we also tried out a set of Endy pillows and sheets. These pillows were another home-run for my husband and I, they offer support, breathability, comfort and are completely customizable. My husband is part of the snoring squad so he prefers a dense pillow when he sleeps to elevate himself and stay upright in the night, whereas I prefer almost next to nothing in my pillow. When I was customizing my pillow, I removed a little bit more than half of the inserts to make it ‘just right’ for a good night sleep! When you first open up the pillows, do not be alarmed, they are jam-packed with teeny tiny shredded pieces of bamboo charcoal memory foam. You can adjust and customize your perfect pillow by removing handfuls of the foam and placing it in the storage bag that comes with the pillows. The sheets have also been such a positive change for us, comfort, style and tech; all in one finely crafted set. The Endy Sheets are made from 480 thread count, 100% sateen weave cotton, and available in 6 sizes.

Endy as a company has been amazing to order from. The shipping was so easy and the box literally just showed up on our doorstep! It was a little bit heavy trying to get it up our stairs to the 2nd floor, but we made it! Then from there we just opened the box, unwrapped and unrolled and watched the mattress take shape.

100 Night Trial:

The company has a great 100 Night Trial, this means that if you sleep on it and it just isn’t the right fit for you or your family, you can simply call up Endy and they will come and take it away and give you a full refund. They also have a 10 year limited warranty, so if you experience any manufacture defects, you’re covered! The 100 night trial alone is enough for me to jump on board and try it out, that a company is so confident in their product and passionate about their mission that they would provide policies like this. It must be the Canadian Blood!

If you are looking to bring your own Endy home today, make sure to use code: STUMBLING50 to receive $50 off any size mattress! If you are still on the fence about ordering from Endy and don’t have someone nearby that would offer you to take a test-sleep on, there are two easy options to fix this – The 100 Night Trial AND Endy just partnered with Urban Barn, so you can also try it out there, but be careful, you may need to bring someone with you to wake up from your best sleep ever.

Good Night and Sleep Tight!

XO Cass


This post was sponsored by Endy. All text and opinions are my own.

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