Happy Birthday! 22 Places in Canada to get free food on your big day!


We all know that everyone loves a good deal, and obviously, free stuff! This year, I am 6 months pregnant, and my birthday couldn’t have come at a better time. So yes, you can bet I will be indulging in all the Birthday desserts, ice creams and meals that this city has to offer! Below I have made a list (with links) to where and what each restaurant offers on your big day! Enjoy and You’re Welcome 😉


  1. Marble Slab Creamery – You get a ‘special surprise’ on your birthday, I will bet you it includes something cold and sweet! Click HERE to claim yours!download
  2. Booster Juice – Free Smoothie. Click HERE to claim yours!BP_Logo
  3. Boston Pizza – Free Dessert. Click HERE to claim yours!logo_yaletown
  4. Yaletown Brewing Company – Free Dessert. Click HERE to claim yours!1200px-Starbucks_Corporation_Logo_2011.svg
  5. Starbucks – Free Beverage. Click HERE to claim yours!free-pancakes-m
  6. IHOP – Stack of Pancakes. Click HERE to claim yours!cora-facebook-og-tag
  7. Cora’s Click HERE to claim yours!pearlfeverlogo
  8. Pearl Fever – Free Bubble Tea. Click HERE to claim yours!7e421278b6ba9180f4f92cf970db82aa--dairy-queen-blizzard-dq-blizzard
  9. Dairy Queen Click HERE to claim yours!f3a07ded1e17c5b88200fa6ebfc68b0c--smoothie-drinks-fruit-smoothies
  10. Orange Julius – BOGO Coupon. Click HERE to claim yours!126051
  11. The BoatHouse Restaurant – $25 Gift Card. Click HERE to claim yours!BLENZ_horazontal-1024x263
  12. Blenz Coffee – Free Beverage. Click HERE to claim yours!download-1
  13. David’s Tea – Free Cup of Tea. Click HERE to claim yours!menchies-burlington-1118982-1795622-regular
  14. Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt – $5 Coupon. Click HERE to claim yours!f9cfae58206015.59f335237c62f
  15. Subway – Free 6″ Sub. Click HERE to claim yours!bd3856aa52745f71bbd2574e8468b284
  16. Montana BBQ + Grill – Free Dessert. Click HERE to claim yours!Denny_s-logo-D889728ABB-seeklogo.com
  17. Denny’s – Free Grand Slam Breakfast. Click HERE to claim yours!2000px-Red_Robin_logo.svg
  18. Red Robins – Free Birthday Burger. Click HERE to claim yours!tremendous_trivia_at2_91862
  19. Carlo’s O’Bryan’s – Show up with your ID and they will subtract the number of your age from your bill! Being 29 doesn’t sound so bad now! Click HERE to claim yours!download-2
  20. Pajo’s Fish + Chips – Free Meal. Click HERE to claim yours!Vera-Burger-Shack
  21. Vera’s Burger Shack – $10 Gift Card. Click HERE to claim yours!craft-beer-logo
  22. Craft Beer Market – Whatever age you’re turning, they turn that number in to a percent they take off your bill! Click HERE to claim yours!

I hope you enjoyed all these freebies and have a chance to enjoy some of them on your birthday! Keep in mind there are a few that require you to sign up 48 hours in advance, but most actually stay redeemable for the entire month!! HELLO!

As always, thanks for reading guys!


Take  Care,


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