Canadiana Styled Shoot



A couple months ago I was chatting with Haley from Beluga Baby about styled shoots, aspiring to one day plan my own and be the ‘Boss Mama’ and she simply said, ‘let’s do it!’ From there on out the rest was history. Time and time again this mama boss has inspired me, pushed me and lifted me towards dreams and goals I may have been a bit sheepish to start. The simple and yet so powerful, ‘Let’s do it’ spoke volumes into my creative bone and gave me the extra push and freedom I unknowingly needed to go forward.

The next couple weeks we had a lot of discussion on style, locations, companies we wanted to involve and that fit in to our theme of ‘Canadiana.’ This styled shoot was going to live, breath and emanate the true north. I started right away reaching out and contacting shops and business’ that I had either heard of that had Canada ‘themed’ items or shops I already had established a relationship with behind Stumbling Grace. This small shop community of mompreneurs is breathtaking and I still am in shock that these mamas are now friends and confidants that I reach out to in times of triumph and struggle. (sorry for the personal side note, but seriously!)


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When I was contacting companies for this styled shoot, I was blown away by the kindness and willingness to join in on the fun! At one point I had to venture down town to Vancouver Candle Company to meet Nick for a couple candles. As I approached their shop, he invited me in and was SO excited about their new location. They had just moved in to their new space and everything was finally in order and had it’s own spot (coming from someone who is a bit OCD with their home, I was right on board with his excitement about this!). Nick took me through their entire shop, where things were made, hand-poured and then stored in the back. Promotional items, clearance sales and a new line down the pipe! The whole time we talked about his own story of the making and passion of Vancouver Candle Co. and how Stumbling Grace came about as well. It was such an absolute joy to meet Nick and have a tour, and even better understanding of their company! The behind the scenes stuff is THE best! I left there feeling a bit ‘small-shop-smitten.’ (If that’s not a thing, it is now!)

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We had Haley’s little girl join in on the fun with Ez by the water, and despite fighting over some fishie crackers, they had a blast! Our two littles may have sipped their naps, but they enjoyed the endless amount of donuts, apples and fishie crackers so no one was really complaining too much.

I didn’t really mind getting in to the creek because Haley ensured me that these photos, with that lighting and wild background, would be epic. And they were. what better way to sport your ‘Beluga in the Wild’ then to take it literally and capture it in the wild!


After some big yawns, hundreds of pictures and some wet feet, we called it a wrap and headed home. What a whirlwind it is when you are there and in the moment. Trying to make sure everything happens and that the shoot is reflected the way that you envisioned it in your head. Andrea did such an awesome job of directing and capturing the passion behind this Canadiana inspired shoot!


Thank you to all who were involved in making this dream and vision a reality! It was almost surreal to be styling my very own collaborative shoot! If you are visiting Stumbling Grace, make sure to check out all these amazing shops below, for real, they’re the bomb.


Location : Noons Creek Fish Hatchery

Photographer : Andrea Gurniak Photography

Styled by : Stumbling Grace

Wrap : Beluga Baby

Round Towel : Tofino Towel Co.

Mocs : Minimoc

Mountain Plate : Timber Child

Firepit Playset : Nixilauroo

Mugs : Spell & Tell

Sawyer Polka Dot Hair Bow : Mosies Cozies

Ezra Light Pink Hair Bow : Wild Ones Mocs

Canvas Containers : Watershed Wax Co

Apple Fritters : Tim Hortons

Mountain Mama / Mountain Baby Attire : LiveLoveNorth



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