April Showers Bring May Flowers and the best waterproof shoes – VESSI Review

We have been proud members of the ‘Vessi Family’ for three years now. Yes, I say Vessi Family because that is literally all we have worn since my husband and I put on our first pair in 2019. We have tried almost every style of Vessi’s and accessories and every time we are amazed. The comfort, the quality, the style, the coverage, limited edition colours and now moving on to boots and hiking? What can’t they do? Honestly.

Living in Vancouver you have to almost always plan for rain. The weather forecast zigzags across the grid and we probably live about 8 months in the colder/wetter season. This is where Vessi comes in for the win. Dyma Tex 100% Waterproof, High side panels, Temperature-regulating, breathable upper knit and Lightweight, cushioning midsole. The perfect Vancouver Shoe.

When I get asked about Vessi I don’t have to try to convince someone how great they are. Just talking about them, the quality and durability of the brand speaks for itself. They have become my everyday sneaker, Mackenzie’s work shoes and Ezra’s school shoes. I don’t have to worry about my daughter coming home with soggy socks or water in her boots because the Weekend Chelsea’s are designed to move with you, has an amazing snug fit with no room for gaps or raindrops to sneak in. An all-season staple.

Now lets talk about shape and space. My whole life I have dealt with long bony feet, awkwardly shaped at the end and cramped toes and was worried that this would also be my daughters fate. There is NONE of this with these shoes. The cushioned midsole and wide front allows for any shape and size of foot to sit comfortably. With Ezra growing so quickly and, what feels like, going through a new size of pants and shoes every couple months I know that the breathable upper knit in the shoes and boots will shift with her growing body and give her the room she needs.

Vancouver was very wet and very rainy this Winter, I wore my Weekend Chelsea Boots instead of snow boots almost everyday. I have a condition called Raynauds, this means my blood does not pump to my extremities (fingers, nose, ears and toes) so I was a little bit worried if these boots would be warm enough. To my shock and JOY I am happy to report that they WORKED! If you are someone who suffers with cold feet, no matter what time of year, Vessi is for you. They were warm, easy to maneuver through the snow, simple to take off and I didn’t need the extra socks, I could feel my toes! A perfect combination of the comfort of a sneaker with the coverage and warmth of a boot.

Ezra now has 2 pairs of the Weekend Sneakers and 1 pair of the Weekend Chelseas. In my opinion these are the perfect school age shoe. The are easy to slip on for the younger children and an easy tie for those who know how to tie their shoes. The fact that Vessi offers the sneaker style and also boot style in children sizes means that they can wear them all year round. April showers, tag on the play ground, gym class and walking to school through the snow, Vessi is an all season footwear for Children and Adults. I mean, I guess it’s a little controversial letting your 5 year old in on the whole waterproof shoes business ….buuuuuut with Vessi your socks will stay dry and no puddle will be left un-splashed!

For my husband and I, we are on our feet all day, the full 8+ hours. We both have the Everyday Classic and absolutely love them but his favourite is the Everyday Move. He has worn them consistently for the last two years and just ordered his next pair! A true testament to how amazingly comfortable and durable these shoes are. As for me, my go-to for the last 4 months (since I opened the box) has been the Everyday Chelsea Boots. They are warm, versatile, waterproof and go well with all my leggings 😉

At the end of the day, Vessi comes out at the top. Waterproof, Dyma-tex® 100% waterproof technology, Lightweight, cushioning midsole, High-traction rubber sole,Temperature-regulating, breathable upper knit and Vegan materials. There’s really not much more you could ask for in terms of durability and comfort.

Last year Vessi opened up their first ever store front at Metrotown here in Burnaby, BC. If you have a chance you should definitely stop by for a visit. It’s a great opportunity to feel and wear the shoes before buying and the best part? You can pick the style thats right for you! They also carry some amazing accessories, including their hats, socks and waterproof woven gloves!

If you pick up a pair or already wear them, let me know what you think in the comments and we can gush about how much we love them!

Take care and thanks for reading! (Keep scrolling for more fun with Vessi!)

XO Cassandra

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