The BEST Butter Chicken Sauce!!

Butter Chicken. Mm mmm. Delicious. If you love butter chicken as much as I do, you have try this combo of Naan and Butter Chicken!!

Grab your frying pan & rice cooker and let’s get started! I have a small, three cup, black&decker rice cooker and we’ve had it since we’ve been married and use it all the time! It’s small, easy to clean and we never really need more than 3 cups of rice!


Butter Chicken Sauce : Umi’s Kitchen Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce. I picked up two bottles of it from a past market I just attended but you can get your sauce here , your local Save on Foods and Granville Island Market!

Naan : CRISPY Traditional Style Tandoori Naan. We grab ours from Walmart

Basmati Rice : Kirkland Brand

Two Chicken Breasts

**We also like to add a veggie option for a side! Tonight we chose red pepper**

You know when you start a meal and you’re so excited to get it going, and then you cook the carrots first to perfection but then the potatoes are still going to be another twenty minutes? Man! That is so annoying; I hate it when that happens! So below I have written out your schedule to the perfect butter chicken that will all be pipin’ hot when you plate to serve!

First Step: Prep

Ÿ Cut your chicken breasts into cubes

Ÿ Place 2 cups of rice in rice cooker & fill to 2 cup line


Step 2: Turn on rice cooker (roughly 20minutes) & Preheat oven to 200degrees

Step 3: Start cooking chicken in frying pan with a drop of vegetable oil in pan


Step 4: When chicken is all cooked, add in entire jar of Umi’s Kitchen Butter Chicken Sauce into pan. Place lid and let simmer.


Step 5: Place naan directly on middle oven rack and sprinkle with water on each side, cook 2minutes.

IMG_3589 (1)

Plate & Serve



After making this meal, I feel like I ate the whole plate in one bite. I’ve also included an after photo of my little girl at the end of her dinner time tonight for a few laughs. Hope you enjoy it!


Send me a note after you try this sauce and tell me what you think!! I’d love to hear your thoughts or about your own Butter Chicken dinners!


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