Berry Pickin’ & Finger Lickin’

This past weekend we were intrigued to follow the crowd and head on over to the bounty and beauty of Krause Berry Farms. We started off the morning by gathering for brunch at Jen’s (@littlesproutcreations), which then turned into a small gathering; where there is food they will follow. With a delicious spread of fruit, oatmeal, bacon, eggs, pancakes and so much more, I’ll have to give Jen an A+ for hosting brunch!

After filling up on all the goodies, we started the ever-so-daunting hustle to get out the door and forty-five minutes later, we were on our way. Accompanied by Jen and her family we buckled down and braved the farm!

Kenz and ezbabybear designUPICK instructionsblue emiblue emi 2

When we arrived at Krause, there was a HUGE lineup for the annual butterfly release. This is a time where you can purchase a butterfly (to release) for $25 and proceeds go towards the Langley Hospice Society. 500+ guests call ahead of time to reserve their butterfly and release theirs in a time frame of 15 minutes, in to the farm and the garden area.

We stopped and wandered for a little bit to gaze at all the beautiful ‘Painted Lady’s’ and then headed for the Raspberry fields! We were told that the strawberries were completely over picked the prior weekend and that they were closed. But no worries here, Ezra, and Emi, would take raspberries over strawb’s any day!

row of plantseveryone in one shotsmiling pulling wagon

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leaning overkenz and ez waterpickin berries me

Going through the countless rows of Raspberries, we were constantly watching the girls to make sure they were hydrated, shaded, and not eating all the berries. The tall Raspberry bushes made it easy to tuck the wagon to the side in the shade for a couple berries and some water.

jen and kids in wagonjen crouched with kidscass and ez berrie pickinez and basketcass picking beside wagon

E2 loved running up and down the rows of berries, well, really it was Emi running and Ez watching. We picked berries for about an hour and then headed in to walk through the market. I think our total for the berries we picked was close to $2.50. We didn’t bring home as much as I would’ve liked to but next year we’ll have to go a couple weeks prior and bring home a flat!

Emi basketEmi and JenEmi eating berriescass pickingbackpack shot

We could tell that the girls were getting tired and a little toasty from the sun, and given Ezra’s episode a few weeks back (see post here), we decided to head out, We made our way to Little Donkey in Fort Langley for some burritos! Ez has a fascination with beans and everybody loves burritos, and Jarritos, so this was the perfect fit! (That, and Trading Post was busy).

Ez and KenzEmi SassEmi2Emi close up Mocs

All in all this day of brunching, travelling, berry picking and Little Donkey’s was great and there needs to be more days like this. Next on the list is Blueberries in August!

Emi Jen and Alex

Emi’s Wearing

Floral Romper : Grammies Girls

Footwear: Flamingo – Minimoc

Ezra’s Wearing

Floral Romper: Little & Lively

Footwear: River – Minimoc

Teether : Baby Bear Designs

Mackenzie’s Hat : Nine O’clock Gun


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