April Showers Bring May Flowers and the best waterproof shoes – VESSI Review

We have been proud members of the ‘Vessi Family’ for three years now. Yes, I say Vessi Family because that is literally all we have worn since my husband and I put on our first pair in 2019. We have tried almost every style of Vessi’s and accessories and every time we are amazed. The comfort, the quality, the style, the coverage, limited edition colours and now moving on to boots and hiking? What can’t they do? Honestly.

Living in Vancouver you have to almost always plan for rain. The weather forecast zigzags across the grid and we probably live about 8 months in the colder/wetter season. This is where Vessi comes in for the win. Dyma Tex 100% Waterproof, High side panels, Temperature-regulating, breathable upper knit and Lightweight, cushioning midsole. The perfect Vancouver Shoe.

When I get asked about Vessi I don’t have to try to convince someone how great they are. Just talking about them, the quality and durability of the brand speaks for itself. They have become my everyday sneaker, Mackenzie’s work shoes and Ezra’s school shoes. I don’t have to worry about my daughter coming home with soggy socks or water in her boots because the Weekend Chelsea’s are designed to move with you, has an amazing snug fit with no room for gaps or raindrops to sneak in. An all-season staple.

Now lets talk about shape and space. My whole life I have dealt with long bony feet, awkwardly shaped at the end and cramped toes and was worried that this would also be my daughters fate. There is NONE of this with these shoes. The cushioned midsole and wide front allows for any shape and size of foot to sit comfortably. With Ezra growing so quickly and, what feels like, going through a new size of pants and shoes every couple months I know that the breathable upper knit in the shoes and boots will shift with her growing body and give her the room she needs.

Vancouver was very wet and very rainy this Winter, I wore my Weekend Chelsea Boots instead of snow boots almost everyday. I have a condition called Raynauds, this means my blood does not pump to my extremities (fingers, nose, ears and toes) so I was a little bit worried if these boots would be warm enough. To my shock and JOY I am happy to report that they WORKED! If you are someone who suffers with cold feet, no matter what time of year, Vessi is for you. They were warm, easy to maneuver through the snow, simple to take off and I didn’t need the extra socks, I could feel my toes! A perfect combination of the comfort of a sneaker with the coverage and warmth of a boot.

Ezra now has 2 pairs of the Weekend Sneakers and 1 pair of the Weekend Chelseas. In my opinion these are the perfect school age shoe. The are easy to slip on for the younger children and an easy tie for those who know how to tie their shoes. The fact that Vessi offers the sneaker style and also boot style in children sizes means that they can wear them all year round. April showers, tag on the play ground, gym class and walking to school through the snow, Vessi is an all season footwear for Children and Adults. I mean, I guess it’s a little controversial letting your 5 year old in on the whole waterproof shoes business ….buuuuuut with Vessi your socks will stay dry and no puddle will be left un-splashed!

For my husband and I, we are on our feet all day, the full 8+ hours. We both have the Everyday Classic and absolutely love them but his favourite is the Everyday Move. He has worn them consistently for the last two years and just ordered his next pair! A true testament to how amazingly comfortable and durable these shoes are. As for me, my go-to for the last 4 months (since I opened the box) has been the Everyday Chelsea Boots. They are warm, versatile, waterproof and go well with all my leggings 😉

At the end of the day, Vessi comes out at the top. Waterproof, Dyma-tex® 100% waterproof technology, Lightweight, cushioning midsole, High-traction rubber sole,Temperature-regulating, breathable upper knit and Vegan materials. There’s really not much more you could ask for in terms of durability and comfort.

Last year Vessi opened up their first ever store front at Metrotown here in Burnaby, BC. If you have a chance you should definitely stop by for a visit. It’s a great opportunity to feel and wear the shoes before buying and the best part? You can pick the style thats right for you! They also carry some amazing accessories, including their hats, socks and waterproof woven gloves!

If you pick up a pair or already wear them, let me know what you think in the comments and we can gush about how much we love them!

Take care and thanks for reading! (Keep scrolling for more fun with Vessi!)

XO Cassandra

[ EZSTOCK ] – Flower Power, TieDye + Good Vibes

I cannot believe that Ezra is already 6! This year for her birthday she wanted something with lots of rainbows and flowers. Immediately my mind went in 10 different directions with an influx of endless possibilities and excitement to create her dream party. All the dots connected and there it was; A FESTIVAL! My inspiration resembled a lot of the Woodstock Festival; but for kids – and man did it open the floodgates of creativity, rainbows and sunshine!

Like a happy little hamster, my wheels began to turn, the ideas started to pour in and the vision board wrote itself. The DIY’s, the lists, the endless balloons and excitement that builds up every time I start planning these celebrations and I am so excited to share how it all came together! (I will be putting together a separate post with a combination of the DIY’s I put together for EZSTOCK)

One of my favourite parts about putting these events together is the community of local makers here in the Fraser Valley. Being able to include them in the styling of these events, beautiful treats and gifting opportunities makes my heart jump! I know that the same passion I have in creating these events is the same passion each and every creator holds when they bake, paint, sew and create. Something unique and full of heart.

I hope you feel inspired as you read on, inspired to create, dive in to the what-if’s and make magic for your loved ones!

When I was envisioning the style and design of the invitations I reached out to InkPaperLove and knew that Rosa would be able to really encompass the theme and create something Groovy! She has endless prints of her own and also takes custom orders to really make your event pop and add that extra touch!


I always find that the treat/snack table is the one that really “wow’s” the guests, and this time it absolutely did not disappoint! We had THREE local artisans come together for this delectable ensemble. Doughnut Love, a new family favourite we discovered this year (and that just celebrated their 1 year anniversary!), Sandra’s Cookie Corner, her cookies are a work of art and look too good to eat! and our one and only, Kizzy Macarons, it’s not a true celebration if Kira’s macarons aren’t present!

I remember when my husband picked up the cookies, he called me right away and said “Have you SEEN these cookies?! They don’t even look real!” Sandra’s Cookie Corner really knocked it outta the park with her creations for EzStock.

Kizzy Macaron‘s created the sweetest little daisies and added the perfect amount of glitter to really make our dessert table sparkle.

Doughnut Love brought the colour and the flavour with their Lemon Poppyseed and Homer doughnuts! Always a chosen favourite at our Sunday morning doughnut stop.


These were so fun to put together! When I was scouring Pinterest I fell in love this simplistic look for paper bags with a clothespin and daisy. (Shout out to my sister in law who was able to create the cutest little daisies for these!)

I thought these bags were right on theme with the absolutely gorgeous Mini Claw Clips from Antler+Acre, perfect size for kiddos and keeps their hair out of their face and Sprinkle Cookies from Jars by Jodi, bringing the rainbow to the party. I also included a few kid favourites with a ring pop and fidget bracelets I found in a pack on Amazon.


The decor for this party came pretty natural, considering we already had a handful of items within our home that easily fit into the theme. A lot of rattan items and macrame and I was able to pick up some fun decorative pieces from our local thrift store, including an beaded chandelier, an amazing Daisy macrame table cloth and a Groovy striped backdrop. The one thing that I really needed to make this event pop was dried floral. Not only is it trending right now, but it is such a gorgeous way to decorate your home and bonus, it lasts forever!

I have worked with Sarah over the last couple years and every time I am blown away by her florals. She is the owner of YouFloral and creates and offers bulk fresh+dried florals for events and weddings. Your order is packed with highest care and Sarah is so helpful if you have questions or need help finding the perfect arrangement for your home or event.


I don’t think I could express how AMAZING this worked out. This was definitely a proud moment for me haha! I had written on the invitation for each child to bring something white to tie dye and then had large ziplock bags for them to take home their creation in. My husband MANned the station and had a rotation of a few kids at a time, he helped them tie their project then labelled their bag, threw it in to set and off they went. Quick, Clean and Organized, my favourite type of activity!

The next day the kids were wearing their shirts to school to show Ezra. The smile that was on her face was priceless.


These are the DIY’s I did for EZSTOCK, but I will put together a separate post that is more in-depth of how I created each item. But for now, here are some fun photos!

Large Sunflower Peace Wreath


Volkswagon Photo Booth

Beaded Sunglasses

Snack bowls – Nature Bee Wraps

Wooden Signs

Cake Toppers + Rainbow Cake

Festival Sign

Goody Bags/Cup Decals

Friendship Bracelets

Balloon Arch


Putting these events together brings me so much joy, it fills my cup and allows me to create to my hearts content and connect with this amazing community of creators. The best part? The smile on my daughters face before she drifts off to sleep to dream of the ‘best day ever’.

Thanks for being here and reading along.

Take care and have fun creating!

xo Cass

Party Decor Breakdown:

Balloon Arch + Daisy Balloons : DIY Kit off Amazon

Volkswagon Photobooth – DIY

Table Cloths – Thrifted

Sunflower Peace Sign – DIY

Dried Floral – YouFloral

Framed Neutral Rainbow – Opposite Wall

Beaded Chandelier – Thrifted

Wooden Signs – DIY

Invitations – Ink Paper Love

Macrame Garland – Winners/Homesense

Woven Baskets – Thrifted

Rainbow Cake – DIY

Floral Cake Decorations – My amazing sister-in-law cricut’d them for me

Macarons – Kizzy Macarons

Wax Wrap Bowls – Nature Bee Wraps

Groovy Cookies – Sandras Cookie Corner

Doughnuts – Doughnut Love

Rainbow Tattoos – Party City

Mini Claw Clips – Antler + Acre

Cookie Jars – Jars by Jodi

Flower Sunglasses – Amazon / DIY with beads

Tie Dye Kit + Friendship Bracelet Beads – Michaels Craft Store

DollaryDoos Printables PDF

DIY Garden Gnome Costume with OOMOMO BC

As you all know, we are a family who loves to create. We love creating new recipes in the kitchen, home DIY’s, painting and best of all, creating for Halloween! Each year we try and think of something outside the box, something unique, but also something that is true to our family, a hobby, a favorite color or favorite food to name a few inspirational themes. This year we chose one of our favorite summer activities – GARDENING! This theme was a homerun for the girls because they love the movies Trolls and Gnomeo+Juliet and our little garden gnome we paint each year in our garden.

This year we worked with OOMOMO to create the perfect (and cutest) little Garden Gnome costume for Ezra. OOMOMO is a Japanese Lifestyle brand with a LARGE selection of crafting materials, the selection ranges from a variety of markers, wooden pieces, faux floral, stickers galore and anything else you could think of when you get that creative itch! It really is incredible the amount of items they have in store, you can create anything. All materials I used for this costume can be found at OOMOMO.


Garden Box Materials:

  • Variety of Faux Floral  (30+ depending how full you want your garden box to be)
  • Craft Straw x 3
  • Felt Fabric Rolls (Brown + Green)
  • Mushroom Magnets x 2
  • Variety of Faux Greenery Garden
  • Fencing x 6
  • Luggage Straps x 2
  • Woven String + Leaves x 2
  • Wooden Sign

Garden Box Instructions:

  1. Assemble garden box & base (we used a staple gun for this).
  2. Apply fabric to backing of garden fencing using glue gun.
  3. Attach luggage straps in criss cross pattern using staple gun.

Floral + Greenery:

  1. Fill box with floral using glue gun.
  2. Add extra greenery + mushrooms.
  3. Paint garden sign with whatever wording you would like and place in box.

Gnome Hat Materials:

  • Felt Fabric Sheet (Bright Blue) x 1
  • Foam Floral Stickers x 1 pack

Gnome Hat Instructions:

  1. Use blue felt piece, pull both shortest corners together making an ice cream cone shape and measure on child’s head, then glue the sides together to complete.  
  2. Add floral stickers where desired.

Trick or Treat Bag Materials:

  • Garden Pot Cover
  • Garden String
  • Treats – Panda Cookies, Koala Cookies, HiChew and Pocky

Trick or Treat Bag Instructions:

  1. Poke one hole at top on each side of Garden Pot Cover
  2. Measure string to desired length for handle
  3. Thread string through holes and tie knots on each side to hold its place.
  4. Add treats.

Halloween is looking a little bit different this year for everyone but no matter what we’re doing on the 31st, I know my girls will still be dressed to the nines having a great time thanks to OOMOMO.

If you are using OOMOMO to help create your Halloween costume this year please tag me in your photos, I would love to see what you create!

OOMOMO also carries a large assortment of Halloween décor, pre assembled costumes, treats and fun trick or treating bags to make October 31st perfect for you and your family! You can shop online in their E-Shop and pick up the NEXT day after 11AM! (https://www.oomomostore.com/ ) or head out to one of their many locations. There are four locations in BC, Aberdeen Centre(Richmond), Metrotown(Burnaby), Robson St(Opening November) and Lougheed Town Centre(Burnaby). They also have other locations in Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba!

Take care and Stay Safe everyone!

XOX Cassandra

Graco® 4Ever™ All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat in Rockweave Review with BuyBuyBaby

Last fall we went through our first big transition with Isla, moving her into her own room. Our biggest concern with this milestone was being able to hear and see her, we (I) wanted to be able to give her the same attentiveness as if she was still in her bassinet beside us. Even though we knew she is safe and content, there was always that uncertainty and constant asking yourself ‘is she okay?’ ‘I should check on her’ ‘Why isn’t she making any sound.’ As parents ,we rely on these fun and trust worthy gadgets called Baby Monitors. We made our way out to buybuy BABY and found the perfect monitor for both girls and you can find out which one and read my full review here.


buybuy BABY has one of the largest selections around for any and almost all of your parenting and baby needs.

Need a cute outfit for a baby shower gift? They’ve got you.

Need a new change pad? They’ve got you.

Need a walking aid for you toddling toddler? They’ve got you.

Need one of those booger-sucking contraptions? They’ve got you.

Need a new monitor to watch your sweet babe as they sleep? They’ve got you.

Need a new carseat? They’ve got you by the hundreds!

Isla was just shy of 14 months when we decided to transfer her out of her bucket seat and into a ‘big girl’ seat. When we started our search for Isla’s next car seat we looked at every brand out there and after going over all the buckles, cushions, straps and anchors, we landed on the Graco® 4Ever™ All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat in Rockweave  by an overwhelming response and recommendations from readers, friends and family.

Finding a new car seat is never easy, as a parent looking for a new protection device for your tiny human, you want to make sure you do your research. There are so many things to bring in to consideration, here are a few we thought of: Size, if we are looking to have more children in the future can we fit three seats across the back seat or how will it sit when we graduate to forward facing? Expiration Date, car seats can last anywhere from 6-10 years? Investment, car seats can be quite pricey, you really want to make sure your doing your research. Do they need 2 cup holders? Is this colour worth the extra $50? Weight Limit, will it work out over the next year to be able to transfer this car seat over to my youngest? And the list goes on.

When we arrived at buybuy BABY, we sat our Isla in a few handfuls of carseats and from there it was confirmed the Graco® 4Ever™ All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat in Rockweave would be the one that outshined the rest. This seat checked all the boxes and was the perfect fit for our growing little Isla, you should’ve seen her, she looked like she was sitting on a thrown and was loving it! Want to know the best part, if you are a new parent, this seat will last your from infancy, toddlerhood and onto the cusp of preteen years! This means that you will be able to transform your Graco Seat 4 times to fit your child’s safety needs, Rear-Facing, Forward Facing, High Back Booster Seat and Backless Booster Seat (something that not a lot of other convertible seats offer). Incredible!

Graco 4Ever Features:
  • 5-point Simply Safe Adjust™ Harness features a 1-hand, no re-thread harness system
  • 10-position headrest ensures a proper fit
  • Steel-reinforced frame provides strength and durability
  • 10 Year expiration date
  • 2 cup holders (perfect for water bottles and snacks!)
  • EPS energy absorbing foam
  • Easy-to-read level indicator
  • 6-position recline in both the rear-facing and forward-facing modes
  • Washable Cover 3 piece cover
  • Versatile 4-in-1 design: rear-facing, forward-facing, high-back booster, and backless booster

We have had our Graco4Ever Rockweave for about 3 months now and absolutely love it, and so does Isla! The foam inserts are super comfy and great for longer car rides when Isla drifts off, the cup holders have solid bases and are great for snacks, water bottles and small toys. We do a lot of car sharing with my in-laws and we have to switch over car seats often when Grandma watches the girls, luckily the Graco4Ever has one of the easiest installations and doesn’t take a lot of time at all!

At the end of the day, after searching the internet, trying out different seats in store and testing out the Graco for the past 4 months, I couldn’t imagine going with any other seat for Isla. it was such a breeze being able to try literally every car seat out there when we visited buybuy BABY. I know that I am not alone when I say, the Graco4Ever is one of the best convertible carseats out there and we are excited to grow with it over the years to come.

I hope you found this post informative and that it has helped you when choosing your first or next seat for your little one. Leave me comment or any questions about the Graco® 4Ever™ All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat in Rockweave? I’d love to chat!

(PSSSS If you were wondering why Isla was laughing so much, here’s your answer…)


Love this guy so much!

Holiday Subscribe Guide 2019



It’s no surprise here that the shoppers of today are looking online before they walk into a store. VIP accounts, pre-sale options and subscription boxes have taken us all under their wing and along for the ride to the post office and at home for a fun unboxing. Even though we know what we’ve purchased and tracked the shipment up until the minute it arrives at our door, there is always an element of anticipant, just like Christmas morning when you are opening up a gift that is just for you!

So I’ve got an early Christmas present for you all, a list. Not just any list. A list full of hobbies, sports teams, baking, tea drinking, mountain climbing, DIY’s and even something for your cat. But beware, this list may be a dangerous one that may entice you to purchase one, or 5 of these boxes just for yourself.

Below is a list of FORTY unique subscription boxes that I have carefully hand-‘clicked’ for you and everyone on your list. It’s a long one, so let’s get started!

The Gourmet Baker – The Innocent Baker

Stand back and let the Innocent Baker do the work for you. A subscription box that delivers the full set of non-perishable ingredients right to your door, aiding you to become the 5 star baker you knew you always were! This box is perfect for a quick treat/dessert for special occasions or something fun and stress free to do with your children( Just maybe not the delicate pastries haha)!

Subscribe Here

The Market Shopper – Locally Obsessed

A monthly mystery box of specially curated collection of locally made items in the Fraser Valley to Vancouver area. Items included vary from beauty, home decor, accessories, cards, food, crafts and more. What a great way to support the creatives in our city and pour back into our community!

Subscribe Here

The Teacher : Snail Mail Stickers

Looking for a way to keep your toddler busy for 2 hours, a teacher needing more incentives for the classroom or working on your next holiday cards? This is the subscription for you! Snail Mail Stickers sends out a monthly package of unique stickers that are theme related to each month. Perfect gift for a Teacher, Craft Guru or Child, could you imagine the look on your child’s face when they get their own mail every month?!

Subscribe Here

The Gentleman : King Portland

This brand was developed by three creatives inspired by the pace and street style of their city, reflected by people creating its totally unique aesthetic. This company has a few different options to choose from, SOLEly sock subscription and up to their King Collection that includes all 12 items offered per quarter. The perfect subscription for a business man on the go or someone who just adds a little extra something nice to their everyday attire.

Subscribe Here

The Vegan Beauty – Petite Vour Beauty Box

Looking for a way to be inspired and nurture mother earth through beauty? Here’s your box! Inspired by a box of petit fours, elegant and assorted French pastries, they adopted the name for their box of little luxuries swapping the letter “V” for vegan. The most convenient and affordable way to discover covetable, clean, and cruelty-free beauty.


The Tea Sipper : Tea Sparrow

Looking to try new teas but don’t know where to start? Know someone who absolutely loves tea and has a dedicated time to sip every day? This is the box for them! They have a large variety ranging from herbal, to fruity, to nutty, and back to black. Tea Sparrow taste dozens of teas each month from around the world, with no affiliation to blenders, and chose the blends that inspire them most to share with you. They take pride in delivering a variety of world-class blends to your door every month!

Subscribe Here


The Busy Body – TheraPLAY

Have an energetic toddler or little one that is just starting to discover new textures and tastes? The TheraPLAY box is here for you! These toys help develop important sensory motor skills & stimulate the senses. Engage your child in fun, silly sensory play! Items are therapeutic & can be calming or help manage anxiety, they are curated for children with autism/ sensory needs in mind, but suitable for children of all abilities! Each month’s box is carefully curated by a licensed occupational therapist and includes a description card inside.

Subscribe Here


The Detective – Deadbolt Mystery Society

Looking to add some edge to your Friday night in? Grab a couple friends and a bottle of wine and dive in to your very own at home Escape Room! Complete with clues, edgy story line and guaranteed anticipation and excitement, this box is the perfect for a rainy night or winter evening!

Subscribe Here

The World Traveler – Globe In

Have someone who loves to travel the world, is invested in supporting local artisans and filing their home with unique and hand made pieces? GlobeIn helps their customers discover amazing goods in distant lands from the comfort of their home. Through their delightful, useful and vibrant goods, they offer their customers the means to feel well-traveled and culturally experienced. For their artisans in the developing world, they give their business global reach as they connect them with customers to share their extraordinary creations and inspiring stories.

Subscribe Here


The Creator – Hue Dough

A children’s sensory dough that’s soft + natural + made with essential oils. Let’s change how playdough is used in the family home with this natural art material. #HueDoughYou and add a touch of imagination.

This sensory dough is wonderful for open-ended play + imagination + natural play + fine motor skills  + sensory development. You’ll even find it’s great for adults to destress and unwind. Grab yours HERE.

The Health Nut – Naked Snacks

Need a new salad topping? Post gym snack? On the go mom? Hangry toddler? Well, Naked Snacks has got you covered. With an incredible variety to choose from, you really can find something for everyone in the family. Explore wholesome indulgence! Start enjoying healthy snacking straight to your door. Gifting the Naked Snacks subscription ensures that no one will ever go hungry!

Subscribe Here

The Loved Grandparent – Generations Box

A Canadian subscription box sent lovingly for that elder generation in life. Memories of cooking with Grandma, fishing with Grandpa? Whether it’s a Grandparent or a parent or another special Elder in your life, This box is for them, It will let them know that you are remembering those special moments you shared. When you can’t be there and want to show them you care, our boxes will surprise them with your chosen package! What an amazing and personal gift for the loved ones in your life.

Subscribe Here

The Canadian Beauty – Canadian Beauty Box

The Canadian Beauty Box combines makeup, beauty products, and lifestyle items all sourced from popular and emerging Canadian companies. This Winter their box is full of products that focus on keeping you hydrated! Each box includes 5-8 full size beauty products like face masks, lip gloss, body scrubs, eye shadow, and more. All boxes have a retail value of $140+ and ships free within Canada!

Use Code : SGCBB for 20% off and FREE shipping Canada wide!

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The Cat Lover – Meow Box

Looking to make sure that your special feline friend has a very Meowy Christmas? Well look no further, this box is jammed packed with treats, toys and other fun items that your cat will love! MeowBox is the original subscription box for cats, shipping fun toys and yummy treats to your doorstep every month, or bi-monthly. Each item is thoughtfully selected or designed to win over the most finicky feline.

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The Independent Girl – Girls Can Crate

Have an independent sassy little soul sista? Looking to encourage core values, confidence and building a leader-like personality in your little girl, I present to you, the GIRLS CAN Crate. Each month you’re daughter will receive a new box focusing on a new confident, problem solving woman who made history! From Marie Curie to Bessie Coleman, Irena Sendler to Florence Nightingale, Patsy Mink to Malala – GIRLS CAN! CRATE inspires girls to BE and DO anything by introducing them to fearless women who made the world better. GIRLS CAN! Let’s make sure they know it!

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The Cyclist – Street Team Cycling

Wether your cycling to work, around the block or delivering for a restaurant, the Street Team has got you covered! This subscription box comes fully equipped with everything you need to keep you going on the road.

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The Curious Child – Lovevery

Their goal is to help every parent feel confident. Their play products are designed by child development experts and distilled to their simplest, purest purpose: to be exactly what children need at each stage. Along with their Play Kits, Play Gym and other items, their most coveted product that grows and develops with your child is their Block Set. Check out their website and the many options they offer in aiding your little one reach their greatest potential!

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The Fashionista – Frock Box

Looking to spice up your wardrobe or know someone who loves to try new things, likes to keep up with the trends and have a personal stylist to help them with these choices? I bring to you, the Frock Box! A specially curated styling subscription box that takes your measurements, body shape and colour scheme and delivers a package of new and fun items to your door monthly. Take the middle man out and do your try-ons at home and just send back whichever items don’t fit just right, free of charge!

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The Explorer – Hike Wize

From the mountain tops to River banks, the Hike Wize subscription box will prepare you for every exploration  your heart desires. Warm fuzzy socks, energy bars, water bottle and more to keep your energy up and your body comfortable to be equip you in reaching your adventure goal! Four times a year they will send hiking essentials to your doorstep. They hope to not only deliver hiking gear needed for the perfect day hike, but to deliver a little bit of confidence for your next adventures!

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The Crafter – Home Made Luxe

CRAFTASTIC is what this box is!! Ever seen those beautiful at home DIY Pinterest projects that everyone seems to be making? Well craft lovers, here is your secret weapon, a subscription box that delivers everything you need to make the most up to date and modern artwork for your home. The best part? it’s all delivered to your door!! You don’t even need to get out of your pajamas!

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The Crafter (Children’s Edition) – myFUNvelope

Myfunvelope is a Canadian craft subscription box for kids ages 3-9. MyFUNvelope is available in both French AND English. Every month your child will rush to the mailbox to receive their MyFUNvelope. They will discover and have fun with FOUR unique craft projects that follow a fun monthly theme. They will also receive a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activity/idea for hands on building that is fun and sometime hilarious!

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The Ultimate Fan – Fan Chest

42! 26! 21! HUT! Here’s the ultimate sports fan subscription box coming in hot! The Fan Chest holds an incredible amount of unique and one of a kind items of officially licensed sports gear that is delivered right to your door. This box is such an easy solution for sports fans and is just a click away!

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The Moustache Man – Meraki Box

The Meraki box is a bi-monthly subscription box delivering specially curated items that are relevant to each season, ranging from bath bombs, coffee, mugs, beeswax wraps and market bags! Check out their most recent subscription box that was made just for men; the Movember Box. This is their first subscription box for men and includes everything you need to look and feel your best!

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[Use code STUMBLINGGRACE15 for 15% off your order of any subscription box!]

The Gainer – Fit Snack

Just finished up at Yoga or sweating it out after your morning work out? Fit Snack is here to help you fill up, regain your energy and chalked full of nutrition and the delicious healthy stuff! Fit Snack was created to offer access to healthy, on-the-go snacks for people looking to live active, happy lifestyles. Each month, the Fit Snack duo curates a nutritionist approved snack box featuring the best brands on the planet, trainer certified workouts, and tips for healthy living, right to your doorstep.

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The Builder – Brick Loot

Young or old, LEGO has always been an amazing way to go on adventures and let your imagination let loose! It is also a great quiet activity that someone of any age would love! Brick Loot is the creation of 9 year old Parker Krex (now 15). He has a deep love for LEGO and has accumulated a massive collection. Along with your regular LEGO sets, there are also Brick Loot exclusive sets and additional pieces that are included in your subscription!

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The Great Brit – Great British Tea Break

Enjoy a break from work like a true Brit with a monthly box containing over 10 tea break essentials! Take a well deserved tea break with a classy mug, 8 assorted teabags and a selection of sweet and savoury snacks loved by every Brit. In the United Kingdom we love ‘Elevenses’, the tradition of stopping work for tea and a snack at 11am. This box provides everything you need to raise a mug with us Brits at 11am whatever time zone you are in.

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The Glam Squad – Kinder Beauty

Each Kinder Beauty box is packed with $75-$165 worth of carefully-curated, cruelty-free & vegan skincare, makeup, hair-care and/or accessories. You’ll get at least two full-size products in each box, and every month we’ll help you discover new brands to fall in love with that are delivered right to your door! A portion of all sales benefits some of our favourite animal rights and environmental causes.

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The Dog Lover – Woof Packs

Do you have an excited little puppy or an old timer that you’re looking to spoil this holiday? Look no further because Woof Packs has every item you’ll need to put under that tree! They deliver natural treats, fun and engaging toys, delicious chews and cool accessories to your door. Every month, they build your pack around a new and unique theme. You’ll always receive two toys; one plush and one rubber, two all-natural Canadian made treats and either a tasty chew or accessory. (Hopefully your loyal companion doesn’t sniff it out before Santa comes!)

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The Wizard – Geek Gear

Got an HP fanatic in the family? A friend who is all in with Gryffindor or someone tangled up in Gillyweed? This box will definitely blow your mind and make you feel like you’re walking the halls of Hogwarts. GeekGear is a UK Subscription box company based in Central Scotland bringing you an amazing monthly shipment of magic! With the variety of subscriptions we offer, there is something for everyone!

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The Coffee Snob – The Roasters Pack

Each issue, we feature three great roasts from three artisan roasters. The independently roasted beans can make a month’s worth of coffee! Free shipping on coffee that has been specifically roasted for your order. Sealed and packaged at the source in our valve bags for the optimal level of freshness.

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The Believer – Believers Box

The Believer’s Box is a monthly subscription box for Christian women who believe in giving back.  Each monthly box is designed to strengthen your Christian faith and support those in need. Each box contains Christian-inspired jewelry and accessories, as well as other handmade and handpicked items to celebrate your Christian lifestyle.

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The Spicy One – Raw Spice Bar

Their mission is to give you the best possible flavour experience and always at a fair price. By sourcing high quality, whole ingredients they own the entire process, from sourcing, toasting, grinding and blending. They are are able to deliver the freshest, ready to use flavour kits directly to your door!

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The Man – Luxury Cigar Club

This subscription service is unlike any other cigar box on the market. Each cigar found in one of our boxes is personally smoked, and hand selected by one of the owners before it ever enters the box. They pride themselves in providing the highest value on the market, and strive to provide the best customer experience possible. Luxury cigars delieverd to your door every month!

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I had such a blast putting this together for you and really did come across so many gems and boxes that I didn’t even know existed! I really hope that this post helps you out this Holiday Season and instead of spending time pushing your way through busy crowds at the mall I hope you’re able to find something on here, click a few buttons from the comfort of your home and be done all your shopping! And the best part about subscription boxes? It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Take care,


[PS: If you have a box that I missed or something super unique you think needs to be added on here – let me know!]

Endy – Canadian Made Mattress 6 Month Review

Well, the verdict is in and we are in LOVE with our Endy, honestly and whole heartedly. For the past 6 months I have been receiving questions asking if what I have been sharing about our Endy experience really is as good as it sounds, and yes, yes it is!


It has been 6 months now and we have been sleeping better than ever, waking up refreshed and recharged for whatever the day had in store for us. We received our Queen size Endy mattress, Queen size sheets and pillows in the Spring this year and the change has been incredible. I used to toss and turn throughout the night, uncomfortable, overheating and completely unsupported. We had your typical box spring mattress, complete with a foam topper and a sunken in dip where Mackenzie and I each slept. This is one of the areas that we have seen a huge improvement in our sleep, each night when we go to bed, the mattress has regained it’s shape and is ready to give us a seamless night’s sleep.

Throughout the past 6 months, my sleep and body have both been shifting, not only from sleeping on the Endy but also transitioning from having Isla. Our mattress has played a big part in supporting me as I shift throughout the night and change positions to find a new way to sleep. In addition, I have had to readjust my pillows to a firmer comfort for more support in my neck and I was so glad that I didn’t have to go out and purchase new ones to do this. The Endy Pillows have been so great and storing the extra pieces has been so simple! They are small pieces of foam, you can store them anywhere in your bedroom. Easy Peasy!


[Endy Hack : Storage bag for excess Endy Pillow inserts can also be used as a small airplane pillow or toddler pillow.]

I still remember the first time we opened our Endy Mattress, Ezra was ecstatic, watching it unfold and form was magic before her eyes; before all of our eyes. After the mattress was ready to go, we dressed it up with a set of Endy’s silky soft sateen weave sheets and finished up with their customizable pillows! When we were going to bed that evening I remember taking out half of the inserts that were in my pillow and Mackenzie keeping every little piece in his, talk about opposites!

The morning after our first night on the Endy, I did notice that I had felt the mattress was a little bit firm for my liking, but we were also switching  from a 10 year old pillow top princess mattress so there wasn’t much to compare it to. I was a little nervous about this but I had read reviews and also heard from other friends who have an Endy and had heard that because the mattress is so supportive, medium firmness and also just something new that you’re sleeping on, it could take a couple days for you to get used to it. Well, it did! After about 2 nights, I was hooked. Excited to go to bed each night but also excited to wake up, knowing I would be refreshed and ready for the day because I had a restful, comfortable and soundless sleep! (unless one of the girls woke up…lol)


I would definitely recommend this mattress to people, not only because of the comfort and great experience we’ve had with our Endy, but also because of the company. They have been so helpful along the way, figuring out if Endy was the right fit for our family, which mattress to go with and GUESS WHAT?! If you end up not being satisfied with your mattress, you have up to 100 days to not only return for a full refund but Endy will also com and pick up the mattress from your home! If that doesn’t give you the confidence to give the Endy a try, you’re missing out!

Icing on top: If you or someone you know is looking to catch some extra Z’s use code “STUMBLING50” for $50 off any size mattress! (code expires March 31 2020)


Disclaimer: We received our Endy mattress from Endy in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

A Good Night Sleep with BuyBuyBaby|Motorola Baby Monitor + Hatch Baby Review

When we first found out that we were pregnant with our second baby we were ecstatic! We started to plan, prep and figure out what we were going to do with the bedrooms in our home and how to prepare Ezra to stepping into the role of a big sister.  We started potty training, moving in to her big girl room and finally, into a big girl bed. For most of these transitions Ezra did great and now we just had to wait for the biggest transition, becoming a big sister!


Baby Monitor : Motorola Baby Monitor Review

When we brought home our sweet baby girl Isla, we knew that one day we would not only need a monitor for both of the girls rooms, but one that had video and a could reach a good distance. The monitor we currently had would constantly cut out and lose connection after you went farther than 5 feet. Very frustrating!

We began searching for a video monitor and had quite an extensive list of what we were looking for. Having to use this monitor for 2 children and already been through the ringer with a ‘half-working’ one, we knew that it would be worth it to invest in a quality monitor that we knew we could depend on.

Baby Monitor Checklist:

  • Wifi Connection
  • Long Range of Distance
  • Video / 2 Cameras
  • Speak option
  • Battery Life

We made our way out to buybuy BABY in Langley, where we came across the Motorola® 5-Inch HD Video Baby Monitor with Wifi and Two Monitors, this one stood out right away! First because it came with TWO cameras and secondly that it had WiFi, which meant it could be accessed almost anywhere! (Such an added bonus, especially if you have a newborn or are a nervous nelly like me when you leave your kids at home haha!)


We ended up going home with the Motorola Monitor and I couldn’t wait to set it up! Being able to see and hear both girls all night long and not worry, we were in for a good night’s sleep and everyone in the family was excited about it. The first night went great, Isla woke up once to nurse and Ezra slept through the night. There was a moment where Ezra tossed and turned, but  taking a quick peek at her and seeing that she was tangled in her blanket allowed Mackenzie to quickly go in when she look a little bit rested, untangle her and tuck her back in, then slip out quickly.


Later that week we also had a chance to go out for a date night – something we hadn’t done in forEVER, and while we were out, we had the comfort of being able to check in on the girls through the Hubble App on our phones. (This App also has a zoom feature – crazy!)

At the end of the day, this will always be the right choice for us because we were in need of a monitor that had two cameras, Wifi because soon we will both be at work during most days and lastly, the range that this monitor has is amazing.

Sound Machine : Hatch Baby Review


The other I found helpful, especially when transitioning your little one into a ‘big kid’ bed or in our case, switching seasons, is the Hatch Baby. We chose this sound machine for Ezra because we finding that it was challenging for her to stay in her bed until it was a decent hour to get up. (Unfortunately the sun comes up at 5AM in the summer and Ezra assumes it is time for breakfast haha)

If your child is old enough to understand bedtime and routine, I would really encourage you to bring them with you and explain to them what the Hatch Baby is before purchasing. Let them play with it, touch it and try out the different colours and sounds. Something that is being brought into their room that is going to change colour and make sounds can be a big change for them.


Why we chose Hatch Baby:

  • Has an OK-to-wake function
  • Can control it from your phone
  • Soothing sounds and colours
  • It’s simple
  • All the controls are hidden
  • It’s pretty and neutral – fitting in to any nursery decor

Hatch baby is one of those products that are so simple to use that even your toddler will know how to work it! It is accessible from your phone, can play a variety of relaxing sounds, create presets for bedtime, dinner time and other notifications and also create a completely custom colour for your little one to really make it their own.


Ezra is one of those toddlers who likes organization, routine and being told what to do – even though it feels like half of the time she disregards this completely. This is why bringing the Hatch Baby into her routine was perfect! I think that the Hatch Baby will be something that we use with Ezra until she outgrows this final stage of transferring into her big girl bed and then use it through and through with Isla, reaching each milestone of dreamland and conquering it with a soothing sound, warm hue and just the right touch to help her rest easy.

buybuy BABY Nursery+Baby Registry + One-on-one Customer care


If you are in the market for a monitor or a sound machine, I would suggest making your way over to a buybuy BABY near you, their staff were so helpful when we were trying to decide and answer any questions about why A was better than B etc. Did you know that buybuy BABY’s in-store experts offer FREE one-on-one personal shopping appointments and are available to answer questions and help parents shop for everything they’ll need. buybuyBABY also offers an amazing assortment of items from top brands, for every style and budget, I really appreciated this about buybuy BABY with myself being on Maternity leave and my husband being the only source of income, you can imagine that our finances are not very high at the moment and I know that a lot of parents are usually in this boat, wether it be their first or third child.


If you are interested in finding out more and keeping up to date on exclusive sales and in store deals, make sure you sign up for their email list to always be in the know! Wether it be for you or someone you know who is expecting, their amazing staff is always ready to help and put together something beautiful to welcome your little bundle of joy into this world.

If you have any questions that I didn’t cover in this post, please reach out and ask! I would love to help you also achieve a better night’s sleep with the comfort of knowing your little one is sleeping safe and sound.

Take care,



This post was sponsored by buybuy BABYCa. All text and opinions are my own.

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[WILD & THREE] – A modern jungle themed 3rd birthday party.

I feel like I have already touched on this in past birthday posts, but being a teacher, I am a planner, and when a planner is pregnant with her first child, she plans. ALOT. When we brought Ezra home, our sweet baby girl, my ovaries were exploding with love for this babe and my mind was exploding with cute baby clothes, DIY’s for her nursery and most of all, BIRTHDAYS! All the birthdays I was going to throw, that I was going to plan and go all out, that I was going to shout it from the rooftop how much I loved this little girl of mine! Right then and there I had mapped out what I wanted to do for her first 3 birthdays, and thankfully all that ‘pinning’ didn’t go to waste, because I never changed my mind on any of the themes!

Check them out here: Ezra’s First Flamingo and Tea for TWO


Wild + Three Birthday Highlights


Leading up to Ezra’s birthday my thoughts were scattered everywhere, my first initial thought for Wild+Three was a rock and roll, leopard tights and air guitar theme. I then started to plan and research the theme and there wasn’t really much to go off of to really encompass the exact theme. I decide to shift gears, keeping Wild+Three but shifting the theme to a colour scheme of dark green, gold, white and leopard print, LOTS of leopard. (We all know I love my leopard print, so this worked out perfectly.)


I wanted to steer away from the classic ‘Jungle Theme’ birthday party and put a modern twist on it. I love the idea, but it just wasn’t screaming ‘EZRA’S BIRTHDAY.’ To start a vision board for an event or party that I am planning, I’ll always look for a colour scheme first, then from there I can find different foods, decor items and dessert table layouts that I want to incorporate or tweak so that it fits just right! In this case, Dark Green, Gold, White and Leopard. To make this Leopard theme really stand out, I made a special request that everyone come wearing some sort of leopard print on them! (This was SO fun – some people went ALL out!)

As I started to embark on the weeks ahead of assembling, creating and accumulating, I was reminded of something I had written way back in my post for Ezra’s first birthday, I’ll leave it below to help you out when you’re planning your next party!


After planning and writing everything down on paper, I went through the stores I would need to go to, compared prices and made a ‘To buy’ list, ‘To do’ list and a ‘To make’ list. Having it all jumbled on to one piece of paper would’ve driven me crazy. Having separated each task into three lists gave me some sanity in picking and choosing what I wanted to do that day and not be overwhelmed with a list 30 items long. I looked through the things I needed to make and chose to start on the most daunting task first. ” – Ezra’s First Flamingo

The day before Ezra’s WILD+THREE was a bit eery, everything was done, there was nothing to pick up or make and we were just putting things in it’s place to make for an easier set up in the AM. We had a few friends and family helping out with pickups of balloons and cake, but other than that we were able to sit back and relax before the chaos ensued.


The bulk of the decor was completely our own doing, my husband was the mastermind behind the balloon garland and I put together the golden birthday jungle animals. We did however ask the talented Creations by Sonia to create some custom pieces for decor, labels and invitation and she nailed it! (I love using giant rolls of craft paper to create a theme related backdrop. you can paint it, cut it or just write on it!)



  • Binocular Craft
  • Balloon Animals (If you had a child at the party, you were the animal maker haha)
  • Golden Jungle Animals + Party Hats
  • White Wooden Backdrop : My husband made this piece for Ezra’s second birthday as the backdrop for her Tea for Two dessert table – I love how simple it is and how you can easily transform it to fit so many different themes!




We set up a spot at the back of the yard that we knew would be in the shade most of the day so that our amazing Lisa(the beautiful face behind Rainbow Faces Face Painting) would not burn and her beautiful paints would not melt away! As you can see below, there was quite a demand for leopard print, but Lisa had also prepared to do a Zebra, Tiger and Unicorn with bright colours and glitter!


I really wanted to embrace the raw and whole fruits of the jungle so I decided to have tons of bananas, apples, watermelons and pineapples covering the table – I think the parents and children both loved this! I also had a really fun time coming up with different names for each of the food items in the trail mix bar and also other snacks on the table like ‘Giraffe Food’ or ‘Gorilla Lunch’ (KD that was supposed to be bananas). For beverages we had green coloured lemonade for ‘Swamp Water’ and ‘Crystal Falls’ for water.

The Trail Mix Bar was definitely an ‘A-HA’ moment for me. I was racking my brain on what fun ‘food’ could I serve for adults that wasn’t candy of Kraft Dinner, and then it came to me, Trail Mix! This also fit in perfectly with the theme.



I wanted Ezra’s cake to be simple on the outside but SO fun on the inside so I thought of what she loved, strawberries and the colour red. Little Acres Home Bakery was amazing at capturing the exact vision I had of layers of strawberry throughout the cake and a simple flat white on the outside. I decorated the outside with green ferns and then on the top I had some smaller golden animals and a ‘3’ cake topper from Little Sprout Creations. Little Acres Home Bakery also created a beautiful custom set of cookies fitting the Wild+Three theme perfectly. Guests kept asking me if they were allowed to eat them because they were so beautiful!!

Kizzy’s Macaron’s are a staple for EVERY event that I plan, Kira does SUCH an amazing job at curating the perfect flavour and colour for every crazy vision I give her and she always goes above and beyond. As for the favors, those were another DIY that Creations By Sonia helped me to achieve! Small baggies filled with animal crackers – the perfect toddler goodie bag (I also thought of the parents when I was planning this one, that way they don’t go home with a bag of junk lol!)

We are so thankful for everyone who came out to celebrate our big WILD and THREE birthday girl. She had grown into such a character and has so much love to share, every time someone arrived at the party Ezra would throw her hands in the air, jump up for a hug and wished each person a happy birthday! (Still to this day she sings Happy Birthday when we are grocery shopping, at bed time and even when she’s on the potty.)

I hope you enjoyed every fine detail that went in to celebrating one of the brightest lights in my life! Please let me know if you try any of these DIY’s or have your own Wild+Three party – I would love to see what you create!

Take care and have fun creating,

XO Cass

Details from Ezra’s WILD + THREE Modern Jungle Themed Birthday Party:
Photography : Myself
Leopard Scrunchies – Mommy + Me Set : Haven Ohlee (Custom request)
Face Painting : Rainbow Faces Face Painting
Kenz Shirt : Mens “Fox Brown” Kindred Clothing
Jungle Macarons : Kizzy’s Macarons
Peacock Chair : Moreno Home
Door Mats : Monkey Fly Memories
Letter Board : Letter Peddler
White Divider Plate : RePlay
Isla’s Custom Bonnet : Fawn + Lace
Invitations/Signage/Food+Favor Bag Labels : Creations by Sonia
Large Jungle Animals : Various dollar stores
Balloon Garland : My sweet loving HUBBY!! (with some guidance from Little Rose Company – Thank you!)
Leopard Romper(Ezra) + Leopard Dress (Isla) and Leopard Tee (Mine) : H&M
Trail Mix : Walmart
Balloon Animal Kit : Party City
Tattoo Bar : Amazon
Animals Print Balloons : Party City
Greenery : Dollorama
Letter Balloons : Party City
Plates : Party City
Mixed Candy : Party City/Winners

At Home Teeth Whitening; Brightening my smile while binge watching Netflix


If you know me, you know I’m not shy, you know I don’t hide from ANY sort of social interaction, but if you asked me what is one thing that makes me uncomfortable, it’s my smile. Not necessarily my hamster cheeks that puff out when I smile REAL big, or the crooked grin I often give, but the many yellow-tinted chompers that hide beneath. Being a mother, or just a working human in general,  you can imagine that each day has a couple cups of coffee in it and on the weekends, a couple glasses of wine. My teeth have taken quite a blow over the last couple years and try as I might, every whitening toothpaste out there hasn’t made a dent on brightening up this smile.

[Make sure you scroll to the very end for an awesome giveaway and my before and after teeth whitening pictures!]

When I found out about Smile Brilliant I thought it was too good to be true. An at home and CUSTOM teeth whitening kit? I’ve got to hear more. As I went through their website, I discovered that this was a brand new way of whitening teeth and for what you get and the precision it offered, it was a fraction of the cost that most whitening kits on the market were. You are whitening your teeth 5x faster and for roughly 70% less!

One thing that made me a little bit nervous was the gel and that it does offer caution to sensitive teeth, there is an option to order desensitizing gel you apply after each session and their online staff is more than helpful! My experience I worked with one of their amazing online customer support and she was with me EVERY step of the way, answering every question I had about pregnant/nursing mothers who wanted to try it, as I was expecting Isla and planning on whitening my teeth.

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The process was fairly quick after I received my materials to create my imprints. I did them that night and sent them off and received my Smile Brilliant custom whitening trays within a couple weeks. (and guess what?! You don’t have to have perfectly straight teeth to use these trays! They are completely customizable, even for that one tooth that kind of sticks out a little bit on the right, Smile Brilliant has got that covered; literally!)

Guys, I was nervous. First of all, I thought I completely messed up the initial molding of my teeth and thought ‘there’s no way that this is going to feel good when it comes back’ but it DID! Smile Brilliant put together such a comfortable set of custom whitening trays for me that I sometimes forget that I am whitening. I’ll be in the middle of chores around the house, folding laundry, unloading the dishwasher, fluffing the cushions (haha. jk.) and feeding both my babies in-between.

Each of the whitening sessions can take anywhere between 45 minutes up to 3 hours for a session, depending on sensitivity and how intense of a session you are wanting, everyone has their own goals. Wether you are looking for a touch up or a full revamp, you can go anywhere from 2-3 sessions a week and up from there, but it is best to stay consistent if you are looking for a bigger change.

10 Facts about Teeth Whitening

For my personal journey with teeth whitening, I have only tried it once and that was when I was 17 with Crest white strips right before high school graduation. It hurt, but I did it because I wanted to have those pearly whites. Even after the painful sessions I did not achieve the beautiful smile I was hoping for. Now when I made my order with Smile Brilliant, I know my teeth are sensitive and I also have quite a bit of sensitivity through nursing Isla. The first thing I made sure to order was the desensitizing gel and have started with 45 minute sessions and have been whitening every 2 days, I find that that has been my comfort zone. It is suggested to whiten right before bed to reduce the amount of drink/food stains right after a session and to allow time for the desensitizing gel to soak in.

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Overall I am so excited to have this option literally at my fingertips in a matter of seconds. This is more than I could have ever asked for when I think about teeth whitening. Being a mother is busy, you’re always on the go even when you feel like you’re resting, you’re most likely nursing your baby or folding clothes while sitting, this is the exact reason I love the custom at home whitening kit. Even though I may feel a little dull, diluted and on the sleepy side of the spectrum, my girls constantly keep me smiling and with Smile Brilliant I’m smiling bigger and brighter than ever before!

My crooked smile: Before + After (6 Sessions)

GIVEAWAY : SHOW ME YOURS : Now it’s your turn to win a chance to show me your before and after photos! CLICK HERE to enter to win your very own at home teeth whitening kit, it’s SO simple you don’t want to miss out! And remember to use code ‘STUMBLINGGRACE15’ for 15% off site wide if there is something else you’ve been eyeing!


Take care and happy smiling friends!

If you have been thinking about getting yourself an at home teeth whitening kit and have any questions please reach out! I would love to answer any questions/concerns you may have or direct you to the amazing team I worked with when ordering my own!


This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All text and opinions are my own.