[WILD & THREE] – A modern jungle themed 3rd birthday party.

I feel like I have already touched on this in past birthday posts, but being a teacher, I am a planner, and when a planner is pregnant with her first child, she plans. ALOT. When we brought Ezra home, our sweet baby girl, my ovaries were exploding with love for this babe and my mind was exploding with cute baby clothes, DIY’s for her nursery and most of all, BIRTHDAYS! All the birthdays I was going to throw, that I was going to plan and go all out, that I was going to shout it from the rooftop how much I loved this little girl of mine! Right then and there I had mapped out what I wanted to do for her first 3 birthdays, and thankfully all that ‘pinning’ didn’t go to waste, because I never changed my mind on any of the themes!

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Wild + Three Birthday Highlights


Leading up to Ezra’s birthday my thoughts were scattered everywhere, my first initial thought for Wild+Three was a rock and roll, leopard tights and air guitar theme. I then started to plan and research the theme and there wasn’t really much to go off of to really encompass the exact theme. I decide to shift gears, keeping Wild+Three but shifting the theme to a colour scheme of dark green, gold, white and leopard print, LOTS of leopard. (We all know I love my leopard print, so this worked out perfectly.)


I wanted to steer away from the classic ‘Jungle Theme’ birthday party and put a modern twist on it. I love the idea, but it just wasn’t screaming ‘EZRA’S BIRTHDAY.’ To start a vision board for an event or party that I am planning, I’ll always look for a colour scheme first, then from there I can find different foods, decor items and dessert table layouts that I want to incorporate or tweak so that it fits just right! In this case, Dark Green, Gold, White and Leopard. To make this Leopard theme really stand out, I made a special request that everyone come wearing some sort of leopard print on them! (This was SO fun – some people went ALL out!)

As I started to embark on the weeks ahead of assembling, creating and accumulating, I was reminded of something I had written way back in my post for Ezra’s first birthday, I’ll leave it below to help you out when you’re planning your next party!


After planning and writing everything down on paper, I went through the stores I would need to go to, compared prices and made a ‘To buy’ list, ‘To do’ list and a ‘To make’ list. Having it all jumbled on to one piece of paper would’ve driven me crazy. Having separated each task into three lists gave me some sanity in picking and choosing what I wanted to do that day and not be overwhelmed with a list 30 items long. I looked through the things I needed to make and chose to start on the most daunting task first. ” – Ezra’s First Flamingo

The day before Ezra’s WILD+THREE was a bit eery, everything was done, there was nothing to pick up or make and we were just putting things in it’s place to make for an easier set up in the AM. We had a few friends and family helping out with pickups of balloons and cake, but other than that we were able to sit back and relax before the chaos ensued.


The bulk of the decor was completely our own doing, my husband was the mastermind behind the balloon garland and I put together the golden birthday jungle animals. We did however ask the talented Creations by Sonia to create some custom pieces for decor, labels and invitation and she nailed it! (I love using giant rolls of craft paper to create a theme related backdrop. you can paint it, cut it or just write on it!)



  • Binocular Craft
  • Balloon Animals (If you had a child at the party, you were the animal maker haha)
  • Golden Jungle Animals + Party Hats
  • White Wooden Backdrop : My husband made this piece for Ezra’s second birthday as the backdrop for her Tea for Two dessert table – I love how simple it is and how you can easily transform it to fit so many different themes!




We set up a spot at the back of the yard that we knew would be in the shade most of the day so that our amazing Lisa(the beautiful face behind Rainbow Faces Face Painting) would not burn and her beautiful paints would not melt away! As you can see below, there was quite a demand for leopard print, but Lisa had also prepared to do a Zebra, Tiger and Unicorn with bright colours and glitter!


I really wanted to embrace the raw and whole fruits of the jungle so I decided to have tons of bananas, apples, watermelons and pineapples covering the table – I think the parents and children both loved this! I also had a really fun time coming up with different names for each of the food items in the trail mix bar and also other snacks on the table like ‘Giraffe Food’ or ‘Gorilla Lunch’ (KD that was supposed to be bananas). For beverages we had green coloured lemonade for ‘Swamp Water’ and ‘Crystal Falls’ for water.

The Trail Mix Bar was definitely an ‘A-HA’ moment for me. I was racking my brain on what fun ‘food’ could I serve for adults that wasn’t candy of Kraft Dinner, and then it came to me, Trail Mix! This also fit in perfectly with the theme.



I wanted Ezra’s cake to be simple on the outside but SO fun on the inside so I thought of what she loved, strawberries and the colour red. Little Acres Home Bakery was amazing at capturing the exact vision I had of layers of strawberry throughout the cake and a simple flat white on the outside. I decorated the outside with green ferns and then on the top I had some smaller golden animals and a ‘3’ cake topper from Little Sprout Creations. Little Acres Home Bakery also created a beautiful custom set of cookies fitting the Wild+Three theme perfectly. Guests kept asking me if they were allowed to eat them because they were so beautiful!!

Kizzy’s Macaron’s are a staple for EVERY event that I plan, Kira does SUCH an amazing job at curating the perfect flavour and colour for every crazy vision I give her and she always goes above and beyond. As for the favors, those were another DIY that Creations By Sonia helped me to achieve! Small baggies filled with animal crackers – the perfect toddler goodie bag (I also thought of the parents when I was planning this one, that way they don’t go home with a bag of junk lol!)

We are so thankful for everyone who came out to celebrate our big WILD and THREE birthday girl. She had grown into such a character and has so much love to share, every time someone arrived at the party Ezra would throw her hands in the air, jump up for a hug and wished each person a happy birthday! (Still to this day she sings Happy Birthday when we are grocery shopping, at bed time and even when she’s on the potty.)

I hope you enjoyed every fine detail that went in to celebrating one of the brightest lights in my life! Please let me know if you try any of these DIY’s or have your own Wild+Three party – I would love to see what you create!

Take care and have fun creating,

XO Cass

Details from Ezra’s WILD + THREE Modern Jungle Themed Birthday Party:
Photography : Myself
Leopard Scrunchies – Mommy + Me Set : Haven Ohlee (Custom request)
Face Painting : Rainbow Faces Face Painting
Kenz Shirt : Mens “Fox Brown” Kindred Clothing
Jungle Macarons : Kizzy’s Macarons
Peacock Chair : Moreno Home
Door Mats : Monkey Fly Memories
Letter Board : Letter Peddler
White Divider Plate : RePlay
Isla’s Custom Bonnet : Fawn + Lace
Invitations/Signage/Food+Favor Bag Labels : Creations by Sonia
Large Jungle Animals : Various dollar stores
Balloon Garland : My sweet loving HUBBY!! (with some guidance from Little Rose Company – Thank you!)
Leopard Romper(Ezra) + Leopard Dress (Isla) and Leopard Tee (Mine) : H&M
Trail Mix : Walmart
Balloon Animal Kit : Party City
Tattoo Bar : Amazon
Animals Print Balloons : Party City
Greenery : Dollorama
Letter Balloons : Party City
Plates : Party City
Mixed Candy : Party City/Winners

At Home Teeth Whitening; Brightening my smile while binge watching Netflix


If you know me, you know I’m not shy, you know I don’t hide from ANY sort of social interaction, but if you asked me what is one thing that makes me uncomfortable, it’s my smile. Not necessarily my hamster cheeks that puff out when I smile REAL big, or the crooked grin I often give, but the many yellow-tinted chompers that hide beneath. Being a mother, or just a working human in general,  you can imagine that each day has a couple cups of coffee in it and on the weekends, a couple glasses of wine. My teeth have taken quite a blow over the last couple years and try as I might, every whitening toothpaste out there hasn’t made a dent on brightening up this smile.

[Make sure you scroll to the very end for an awesome giveaway and my before and after teeth whitening pictures!]

When I found out about Smile Brilliant I thought it was too good to be true. An at home and CUSTOM teeth whitening kit? I’ve got to hear more. As I went through their website, I discovered that this was a brand new way of whitening teeth and for what you get and the precision it offered, it was a fraction of the cost that most whitening kits on the market were. You are whitening your teeth 5x faster and for roughly 70% less!

One thing that made me a little bit nervous was the gel and that it does offer caution to sensitive teeth, there is an option to order desensitizing gel you apply after each session and their online staff is more than helpful! My experience I worked with one of their amazing online customer support and she was with me EVERY step of the way, answering every question I had about pregnant/nursing mothers who wanted to try it, as I was expecting Isla and planning on whitening my teeth.

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The process was fairly quick after I received my materials to create my imprints. I did them that night and sent them off and received my Smile Brilliant custom whitening trays within a couple weeks. (and guess what?! You don’t have to have perfectly straight teeth to use these trays! They are completely customizable, even for that one tooth that kind of sticks out a little bit on the right, Smile Brilliant has got that covered; literally!)

Guys, I was nervous. First of all, I thought I completely messed up the initial molding of my teeth and thought ‘there’s no way that this is going to feel good when it comes back’ but it DID! Smile Brilliant put together such a comfortable set of custom whitening trays for me that I sometimes forget that I am whitening. I’ll be in the middle of chores around the house, folding laundry, unloading the dishwasher, fluffing the cushions (haha. jk.) and feeding both my babies in-between.

Each of the whitening sessions can take anywhere between 45 minutes up to 3 hours for a session, depending on sensitivity and how intense of a session you are wanting, everyone has their own goals. Wether you are looking for a touch up or a full revamp, you can go anywhere from 2-3 sessions a week and up from there, but it is best to stay consistent if you are looking for a bigger change.

10 Facts about Teeth Whitening

For my personal journey with teeth whitening, I have only tried it once and that was when I was 17 with Crest white strips right before high school graduation. It hurt, but I did it because I wanted to have those pearly whites. Even after the painful sessions I did not achieve the beautiful smile I was hoping for. Now when I made my order with Smile Brilliant, I know my teeth are sensitive and I also have quite a bit of sensitivity through nursing Isla. The first thing I made sure to order was the desensitizing gel and have started with 45 minute sessions and have been whitening every 2 days, I find that that has been my comfort zone. It is suggested to whiten right before bed to reduce the amount of drink/food stains right after a session and to allow time for the desensitizing gel to soak in.

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Overall I am so excited to have this option literally at my fingertips in a matter of seconds. This is more than I could have ever asked for when I think about teeth whitening. Being a mother is busy, you’re always on the go even when you feel like you’re resting, you’re most likely nursing your baby or folding clothes while sitting, this is the exact reason I love the custom at home whitening kit. Even though I may feel a little dull, diluted and on the sleepy side of the spectrum, my girls constantly keep me smiling and with Smile Brilliant I’m smiling bigger and brighter than ever before!

My crooked smile: Before + After (6 Sessions)

GIVEAWAY : SHOW ME YOURS : Now it’s your turn to win a chance to show me your before and after photos! CLICK HERE to enter to win your very own at home teeth whitening kit, it’s SO simple you don’t want to miss out! And remember to use code ‘STUMBLINGGRACE15’ for 15% off site wide if there is something else you’ve been eyeing!


Take care and happy smiling friends!

If you have been thinking about getting yourself an at home teeth whitening kit and have any questions please reach out! I would love to answer any questions/concerns you may have or direct you to the amazing team I worked with when ordering my own!


This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All text and opinions are my own.


The Canadian ‘Bed in a Box’ – Endy Mattress Review

The day that our Endy mattress rolled in, Ezra was yelling out the window so loud, that our entire street could probably hear that we were about to experience the Endy. ‘Mommy! Mommy! The bed man is here!!’ Jumping up and down with excitement as the mail man awkwardly walked up to our door to deliver the BOX. Yes, you read correctly, a box. In fact, a box that is about 1/4 the size of the actual mattress. When I first saw the mattress being unloaded, I assumed that it was the box for the pillows, but then three more smaller boxes made their way to our door as well. I thought that the size must be wrong, so I double checked, nope. It’s correct and all accounted for. We brought the mattress inside, and there, the magic happened and the great story of the ‘Bed in a Box’ unfolded. (Literally)

Knowing that we were about to witness something amazing, we made sure we set up our camera to capture the moment. During the unboxing you’ll see both of my daughters make short appearances, but mainly Ezra just jumping in circles around little Isla. Notice how Isla doesn’t budge, even when Ezra jumps close to her! The mattress isn’t even fully inflated yet and it is already showing one of its amazing qualities, the ability to sleep soundly, even if your partner is moving around in their sleep!

[Check out our unboxing video below]

Since I shared about trying out the Endy mattress, I have been receiving questions, “Is it comfortable?,””How long did it take to set up?,””Do you REALLY like it?,” and many more.  I thought that it would be best to put together a review for my first 30 nights with Endy! If there is anything I missed, please do reach out and ask or leave a note below!


The First Night:

I was so excited and practically giddy to get in to bed that night, but I’ve got to admit, much like a new pair of shoes, this mattress seemed awkward and too structured after the first sleep. When I woke up in the morning I did have doubts if this was going to be for us or not, but then the second night happened, and the third and the fourth and the rest is history! I was sold!

The mattress we had before Endy has lasted us for 9 years. NINE YEARS. At that point, I loved a pillow top mattress, something super soft and that I just sunk right into. Fast forward 9 years later and it is quite the opposite. I notice when I don’t have a good night sleep I am all bent out of shape the next day because of it. Sleep is SO important to me and my husband, with two girls under the age of three, you can imagine that a full nights sleep is quite rare in this household. I usually don’t ever count on a good night’s sleep, with midnight and 4am nursing sessions, toddler night terrors and a husband who snores, there’s just no way. Now add a run down mattress into the mix of that. Cheque Please!

We have been seriously considering shopping for a new mattress and that’s where Endy came in! After receiving our Endy, I could not believe the IMMEDIATE change in my sleep. After my midnight nursing sessions, I was falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was sleeping through snoring and I was waking up refreshed! One thing that I was so drawn to with Endy was the Mattress’ Comfort Foam. On the Endy website you can find more information like this: “The foam has a unique open-air cell structure that provides the perfect balance of comfort and support, plus temperature control, pressure relief, and reduced motion transfer. The foam’s open-air cell technology also enhances breathability and cooling throughout the night.” For me, temperature is something that I have always struggled with, my husband is a heater and I like to be a little bit cold when I sleep so I can curl up in my blanket! But now with our Endy, it’s no longer a problem!

Pillows + Sheets

Along with the mattress, we also tried out a set of Endy pillows and sheets. These pillows were another home-run for my husband and I, they offer support, breathability, comfort and are completely customizable. My husband is part of the snoring squad so he prefers a dense pillow when he sleeps to elevate himself and stay upright in the night, whereas I prefer almost next to nothing in my pillow. When I was customizing my pillow, I removed a little bit more than half of the inserts to make it ‘just right’ for a good night sleep! When you first open up the pillows, do not be alarmed, they are jam-packed with teeny tiny shredded pieces of bamboo charcoal memory foam. You can adjust and customize your perfect pillow by removing handfuls of the foam and placing it in the storage bag that comes with the pillows. The sheets have also been such a positive change for us, comfort, style and tech; all in one finely crafted set. The Endy Sheets are made from 480 thread count, 100% sateen weave cotton, and available in 6 sizes.

Endy as a company has been amazing to order from. The shipping was so easy and the box literally just showed up on our doorstep! It was a little bit heavy trying to get it up our stairs to the 2nd floor, but we made it! Then from there we just opened the box, unwrapped and unrolled and watched the mattress take shape.

100 Night Trial:

The company has a great 100 Night Trial, this means that if you sleep on it and it just isn’t the right fit for you or your family, you can simply call up Endy and they will come and take it away and give you a full refund. They also have a 10 year limited warranty, so if you experience any manufacture defects, you’re covered! The 100 night trial alone is enough for me to jump on board and try it out, that a company is so confident in their product and passionate about their mission that they would provide policies like this. It must be the Canadian Blood!

If you are looking to bring your own Endy home today, make sure to use code: STUMBLING50 to receive $50 off any size mattress! If you are still on the fence about ordering from Endy and don’t have someone nearby that would offer you to take a test-sleep on, there are two easy options to fix this – The 100 Night Trial AND Endy just partnered with Urban Barn, so you can also try it out there, but be careful, you may need to bring someone with you to wake up from your best sleep ever.

Good Night and Sleep Tight!

XO Cass


This post was sponsored by Endy. All text and opinions are my own.

The Perfect Shirt From Winter to Spring and All Year Round.

Living on the West Coast you never really know what the weather is going to be like and when you do finally figure it out, it can change in a second! I am constantly looking out for clothing I can layer up when it’s chilly and shed when the day warms up. When I came across the Long Sleeve Peplum top from Pink Blush, it was love at first sight. Something that layered nicely, was comfortable, and best of all, nursing friendly!

On a regular day, I will usually throw on a pair of pants, long sleeve shirt and oversized sweater, so when I received this Peplum top from Pink Blush I was over the moon! It is a great piece that is casual enough to wear with jeans to run errands or I could instantly dress it up for a night on the town by adding a pair of heels!

This top is extremely lightweight, sits nicely on the body and has a adorable flirty twirl with the peplum bottom. Wether you are just looking for a new fun top or a nursing mother, this top is so versatile that it really covers a large range of stages, ages and body types! Wearing this top, there are a few ways you can style it up or dress it down, you can easily pair it with leather leggings and brown boots, jean shorts and a large brimmed hat, ripped jeans and a leather jacket, and even yoga pants and gum boots! (Check out the Tulip Field photos below, I told you so!)

Check out Shop Pink Blush for more items to check off your summer wish list and I’ll leave my wish list below as well for you to take a peek!

Blue Lace Mesh Overlay Maternity Gown

Light Blue Destroyed Fringe Maternity Shorts

Sage Green Crochet Accent Kimono

Brown Soft Wide Brim Fedora

Black Solid Sleeveless Maternity Nursing Tank


I would love to know some of your favourites you found through their site! Let me know below in the comments and have a great rest of the week!

Take care,


LET’S GET WILD – Wild Kratts LIVE Show – Pre Sale on NOW!

If you we’re a big Wild Kratt’s fan when you were younger, your dreams of meeting Chris and Martin may just come true this fall! This October, the Kratt brothers will be coming to us live at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and the pre-sale is on now, so act like a Kratt and RUN don’t walk!

We are a family of four with 2 young girls, Ezra age 3 and Isla age 8months. Growing up, my husband and I both watched Wild Kratt’s and loved it! Since we discovered the new episodes of Wild Kratts on Netflix, we knew that we had to show them to Ezra right away! Her being a child of adventure, excitement and energy, this show was a match made in heaven! Their new revised episodes of the Wild Kratt’s includes a characterized version of the brothers on their adventures, with short appearances at the beginning and end of the show. Adventure, excitement, animation, animals and multiple episodes to watch.

Ezra is HOOKED.

Hook, line, and sinker.

Now, I’m not going to lie here, when we found out that they were coming to our area and that we(my husband) would have a chance to meet Chris and Martin in person, he got a little bit star-struck. You know, the type of star struck where you know you’re going to see them, but can’t quite contain your excitement, except it shows because your body tenses up because you’re trying to not jump up and down, but also remain calm but forget to blink. Yeah, that’s how excited he is.

If you’re planning on attending, let me know and come say Hello!

Take care, and stay WILD.



The pre-sale is on NOW and here are the deets:

Show: Wild Kratts Live 2.0 – Activate Creature Power!

Date: Thursday, October 3, 2019 @ 6:30PM

Venue: Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Ticketing Link: https://www.ticketmaster.ca/event/11005692F22E746F

Event description: WILD KRATTS – LIVE! Is a theatrical stage show based on the #1 animated television series Wild Kratts. Martin and Chris Kratt, stars of the Emmy-nominated Wild Kratts step out LIVE ON STAGE to engage the audience in a classic Wild Kratts story. Experience, live-on-stage, the astounding “creature” fundamentals, and the infectious excitement and inspiring quest of the Kratt Brothers that make the hit television series Wild Kratts so popular with kids and their families.

Him + Her, Snore no more! – PolySleep Adjustable Pillow Review

Who else has gone on countless trips looking for the right pillow, doing the pillow test in the store, you know the one where you crouch down and lean on to the pillow that is resting on the counter? (I hope I’m not the only one who does this..) Then there’s that day that you finally find it, go home, crawl in to bed and BAM, your head hits the pillow and you drift off in to dream land.

When I first heard of the PolySleep Pillow I was SO intrigued and excited to try it out. My husband and I have very different sleeping habits and that includes the type of pillow we use. For myself, before I was pregnant/nursing, I was always a tummy sleeper and used the thinest and slightly firm pillows. I felt these were always hard to find because I would also sometimes turn to my side in the middle of the night and wake up with a bit of a kink in my neck. PolySleep has brought me in to a whole new world of pillows, where there is only ONE. One pillow to rule them all. They offer this pillow that has a shell made of polyester microfibre and then has four inserts that you can choose from that are anti-microbial and made of a viscoelastic hybrid foam(which means it allows the air to circulate, reduces the temperature and firmness) that range from ¾” – 1¼”and with having these inserts to choose from you really CAN find the perfect fit with just one pillow! For myself, as a tummy/side sleeper, I only use the ¾” insert and it is the exact combination I need. Whereas some of you may need to up the insert and add a 1″ piece into the mix because you like a little more firmness and support.

Now for my husband. Oh my sweet, loving and thoughtful husband. I love him to bits, but when he is sleeping, he is not as thoughtful and caring as he would like to be haha. He snores with a VENGEANCE. No matter which way he lays, there is something that sneaks out, and Ezra is the same! You can imagine how our Saturday morning ‘sleep-ins’ go.

My husband used to sleep with 3-4 pillows, all varying in sizes and he would always be readjusting them throughout the night. Now with the PolySleep pillow, he has traded the multiple pillows for just one. The EXACT same pillow that my tummy-side sleeping self found the perfect fit from! Although the sizes and number of inserts we have inside the shell is completely different. My husband uses all of them. All four. But this is his perfect fit, no more multiple pillows to stack up or rearranging the tower in the middle of the night, just sleep.

The variance between our pillows is ¾” vs. 3¾” The pillows also come with a bag to store the inserts that you aren’t using in the moment. For example, I know that if I get pregnant again, I will definitely be changing the firmness in the pillow to adjust and support of a side sleeper. The pillows also come with a 3 year warranty and a 30 day sleep-trial for you to be confident that the PolySleep Adjustable Pillow is the perfect fit for you and if not 100% satisfied, they have a great team of Customer Service that will give you a full refund! PolySleep is a Canadian company and their products are made right here in Montreal, Quebec. They are made at the same factory their foam is produced, that means that there is no middle man and you are truly getting the full customer service that you deserve!

If you are just as intrigued as I was when I first found out about the PolySleep Adjustable Pillows, then don’t hum and hau for too long, you can trust me that they are worth the investment and will last years to come!

Have you tried the PolySleep Adjustable Pillows? Have any questions? Let me know in the comments below and I would be happy to help!

Take care + Sweet dreams!


Wrap me up, Buttercup Baby – Beluga Baby Swaddle + Doll Carrier Review

Since day one with Ezra, we have faithfully used our Beluga Wraps on repeat. Now with our second baby, Miss Isla Jane, I am using these wraps even MORE, having a toddler and a new born is no joke and also ‘no hands’ if you don’t have a Beluga Wrap!

Recently Beluga Baby launched two brand new products; the first being their Oversized Bamboo Swaddles. These things are HUGE. 35 x 35 inches and pure, buttery soft, bamboo goodness. They are the perfect companion, wether it be wrapped around them, cozy in the stroller or the comfort piece your child that cant leave their side while walking around the house. This swaddle is what babies and toddlers dream of.

When we first put Isla in a swaddle I didn’t think it was going to work, as she is a babe who likes to be free and kick around. You know, feel-the-wind-between-her-toes kind of girl. We wrapped her up, criss crossed and zig zagged this little bean and she was as happy as a clam, laid there completely content, smiling away.

One of my favourite ways to use the swaddle, other than swaddling, is to layer with Isla’s favourite fuzzy blanket. She has this white fluffy little thing that she cannot sleep without, but when we are out and she has it in the carseat, it is really easy for her to kick it off. Beluga Baby to the rescue! Because of the amazing four way stretch this bamboo fabric blend has, it easily curves and tucks in to wherever you need and stays put!

We are never without a blanket because the swaddles, much like the classic Baby Carriers are SO compact! They are made of the thin, but durable Bamboo Cotton Blend and can appear large, but fold up SO small that you could fit one in your jacket pocket – perfect for those cooler days!

When Ezra grew out of the Baby Carriers, I was sad and little bit heart broken that the Beluga era had ended, but then, BAM, doll carriers!

The second item that they launched was their amazing Doll Carriers, these came out just in time for baby #2 and for Ezra to start practicing to be a big sister! Ezra’s eyes LIT UP when she saw that she could wear her most cherished dollies around the house and out while grocery shopping. She was ecstatic to have her very own carrier to keep her BunBun close and still be able to carry a bag of fishies while sipping her apple juice. She had no idea what she was in for once her baby sister came along.

Since then, Ezra asks to wear her BunBun to the coffee shop, grocery shopping and even so that she can bring her stuffie’s downstairs but still be able to hold on to the railing. (So cute right?!) Now, when I have to grab a gift for a tiny human, I find myself reaching for one of these three, Practical, Stylish, and Playful. We love our Belugas and are honoured to be part of the pod 😉