Why Stumbling Grace?

Well, let’s begin the process. I feel like I’m able to figure out plans better when I see it with pen & paper. Jot down every thought, detail and doodle. I guess you could say that I’m a visual learner, or in this case, problem solver.

Stumbling Grace came to me when I started thinking about where my life is at right now, in this very moment. I started to make a list of all the ups and downs I’ve experienced since motherhood, the love and passion I have for children, youth and the church, and where I sit within myself, how do I truly get back to me after baby?

I began to jot down words that inspired me; that lit a fire when spoken.

Courageous Mama? No.

Straight Momin’ ? No.

Creative Cass? No….definetly No.

Stumbler? Stumbling?…no Graceful?…no

Stumbling Grace. Oh yes. So much yes. My life has been such a chaotic beautiful mess over the past two years. What with getting married, moving (into our now 5th home since being married), work, having Ez, and of course just all the rest of life that comes with it. This is what my life has become, day after day of grace abounding in me and through me but constantly stumbling. Trying so hard to be the perfect mom, the loving wife, the best friend, the generous neighbour, the polite&perfect daughter-in-law, and the list really does go on. Who’s with me on at least three of these? Try as I may, I am always falling short in one, exceeding at another and completely floundering at most. I am constantly needing grace in all I do, wether it be an accomplishment or missing the mark. Having no control or certainty on what life is nowadays with little Ez is always kicking me in the butt! Putting all my energy and concentration on her and what she needs, I forget about calling my sister back, picking up bananas and changing the laundry over. I’m stumbling through life and with the grace given to me, I am loving every minute.

As you read through this blog and each post, I hope you feel connected in a away you do when you’re out for coffee with a friend. That my writing, aspirations and jokes land on your level, like you’re talking with an old friend.

Take care xox.

Oh yeah, and the flamingos? Just take a minute and think about a flock of flamingos trying to get through life, walking together, so close they are tripping and stumbling. This my friends, is motherhood and the tribe I am so proud to be apart of.

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