What to Expect When you’re Scorekeeping

Thinking about venturing out for the first time since babe has come along? Here are a few tips on how to keep it as simple and efficient as possible without having a meltdown (or at least only one or two!)

Last week my husband and I decided we were going to go to a White Caps game; being very loyal and faithful fans, having a baby and staying home for the games has definitely taken a toll and bruised our fan ego. You know those things that make you feel alive, you’re so in tune with the moment that it’s almost surreal? Yeah. That was game day for us!

As the week began to close in on game day, we started to pack our diaper bag, pack the essentials and look into what was the most helpful things other parents had found when doing a day trip. It began to gather up quit quickly, below is a list of items we brought (we ended up tossing our diaper bag to the side and packing a backpack for easier maneuvering at the stadium! << do this!)


Baby Carrier: Beluga Wrap (One of the best choices by far because not only is it super comfortable while standing up and sitting down cheering for both parents and their babe, it is compact! So if you need to take out your little while at the game you don’t have any large extra cargo to be lugging around on top of babe!) This wrap will literally fit in your pocket.

Head Gear: Sports games, especially VWFC, can get pretty rowdy if you are in the supporters section and you want to make sure your little one is enjoying it as much as you so com prepared! We were fortunate enough to borrow these BabyBANZ from my sister in law, but you can also find them at BestBuy or at Once Upon a Child and other consignment stores. They are pricey but worth its weight in gold, especially if it helps your babe to NAP while everyone around is cheering and yelling their socks off! We also brought a toque for Ez just in case the roof was open, and it was!IMG_3118

Pacifier Clip: Glitter and Spice When you’re in the midst of a crowds, the last thing you want to do is drop that golden pacifier on the busy crowded gross floor.

Toy: Make sure to bring a toy that is easily attached with a pacifier clip, because also, you want to make sure that this does not fall on the ground and get trampled! I would suggest bringing something that is multi-sensory. One of those Lamaze stroller toys that are plush, have a Velcro piece, shaker piece and maybe even a mirror. Ezra has one that is a knight on a horse, each hoof has a different texture!

Clothing: I would definitely go with tights and socks for baby, or something that you KNOW wont fall off (Velcro shoes) or be uncomfortable for lounging in! And for an extra set of clothes just bring some PJ’s, compact and easy to put on.

Food: We opted for fries here, but we also brought two pouches just in case (which she devoured on the way home, this saved us!)

Diapers&Wipes: Here we opted out our regular diaper bag, as I’d mentioned earlier, and just brought the clutch that includes a detachable mat and zipper for wipes.

Packed away tightly in the backpack there was still some room for a blanket!

At the end of the game we were able to take off effortlessly as Kenz had left on the wrap throughout the game and we just put Ez back in!

If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you! Leave your words behind in the section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Take careIMG_3161




Have you been racking your brain on what to get your mom, grandma, mother-in-law or even mama friends for Mother’s Day? Well you’re in luck. Here is one of the best cheat sheets you will ever lay your eyes on. We all know you can’t buy a mother’s love but you sure can buy her cool gifts! Each and every one of these gifts has the capacity to surprise, excite and may even cause tears when given. Grab some tea and a biscuit or two (maybe five) and let’s get started!

Top Ten Mother's Day



Jewelry; one of the most sought after mother’s day gifts. These necklaces are not only beautiful AND handmade, but they are customizable. Have your journey, hopes and loves displayed & worn proudly each and everyday for all to see. Displaying the proud, strong and courageous mama in your life. These necklaces & bracelets are made of heavy gold fill and will not wear off or tarnish, a treasure for years to come. Mint&Birch also creates these absolutely beautiful nests, custom to your family and children. Each piece is hand crafted and stamped with love by the shop owner herself; Jessica. Here is an excerpt from her site on WHO she is and where her heart is when creating each piece of jewelry. “I have the honour of hearing the stories behind the pieces that are commissioned. Stories of new life, milestones, celebration, weddings, joyous events, but also of grief and loss. I am so humbled to be making these special pieces.” Check out Mint&Birch whole collection and find the perfect gift for your own FOREVER MAMA. 



A perfect gift for new or first time mamas. Celebrate the joy and love for your little ones that made you a mama; keeping them close, safe and snuggled in sweet, soft bamboo against your heart. With the beautiful, fun variety of colours they have, your hardest choice may be choosing which one, but you can always get two! “As for mom, sometimes she simply needs her hands free. That’s where baby wearing comes in. And you don’t need any sort of high tech equipment. Women have been wearing their babies for thousands of years. All you need is a Beluga Baby Wrap to keep your little one close. Shop the Beluga Wrap!” – Haley. If you haven’t met the shop owner Haley, you’re seriously missing out! She is a crazy firm believer and advocate for wearing your bundle of joy at all times. And I’ve gotta say, I agree 110% Grocery shopping? Wrap your babe. Housework? Wrap your babe. Mother’s Day Gift shopping? WRAP. YOUR. BABE.



Who doesn’t love to be pampered? Seriously. Hand a bag or Luxe glass jar of this magical stuff to your mother/wife/sister, heck, even your brother (maybe not for mothers day though) and they will be forever grateful. THIS is the good stuff. Bébé de Luxe Coconut & Oat Milk Bath is natural, vegan and free of all nasties (toxins and carcinogens). It is made with 100% certified organic, food-grade ingredients.  The combination of organic coconut milk and organic oatmeal gently cleanses baby’s skin and enhances their natural baby softness without stripping the natural oils. Perfect for either a mommy&me tub time or a wine&cheese tub time. Pick yours up here and pamper your mama this Mother’s Day!

&& if you really want to spoil your mama you’ll pair it with a mini mama&me Bebe de Luxe floral bath, here is a few photos of one my daughter and I did just last week. Photos by the lovely & talented Sasha Cooper Photography.



WATCH THIS & THEN READ.  Are you in love? Is your heart just pounding right now.

Mamas everywhere deserve to be celebrated! I love to see moms interacting with their littles and it’s something that I truly believe makes a mama’s heart beat stronger. This Mother’s Day, take those moms that are behind the scenes, behind the meltdowns and behind the messy lunches and put them in front of the lens. Glorify them and thank them for all they do, each and everyday. It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle that life is, time to take a second, rejoice and be joyful for the wonderful world of motherhood. What better gift then one that can be cherished forever? Alyssa has a few different packages to choose from to fit any budget, Seriously! Check her out! Documentary Motherhood Mini Sessions & photo packages available here. She is so sweet, she also offers this UH-MAZING option of a gift registry. If you have a whole family who is giving to a grandmother/mother/friend, you can all contribute to this amazing blessing and keepsake. What a gift. 



Nettle’s Tale is a local BC grown company, made for, sized after and modelled for women everywhere! I completely adore this company. Their heart & mind speaks directly to women of all stages of life and have adorable, funky, and neutral suits to choose from. My current favourite is ‘The Britney’ it is a limited edition from last year, pair it with some beautiful magic bottoms and you’re on your way to comfort AND class. Nettle’s Tale also offers gift cards if you are unsure of which amazing suit to purchase for the mama in your life! Before I forget, if you’re local to Vancouver you are in luck! They JUST opened a Nettle’s Tale STOREFRONT! So exciting. Their brand new shop is now open in the heart of Vancouver’s Historic Gastown. This store is the flagship retail outlet for Nettle’s Tale Swimwear. If you know your mother/wife would love Nettle’s Tale come this way! Stock photos from Nettle’s Tale



I’m a huge fan of their monthly planner notepad and larger notepads. As most moms, I am constantly making lists and always double checking dates/groceries etc. It just makes it that much more fun when you’ve got a beautiful pad to write on! Make sure you also check out her perpetual wall calendar; these beauties are perfect for any small nook in your home, living room, entranceway, or even the kitchen! I also just want to zone in a little bit about the woman behind the paper; Victoria. Victoria created her own company and sought to build her design portfolio by branding companies, designing wedding invitations, and saying yes to just about anyone who was in need of design help. Eager to design things that reflected Victoria’s personal design style, she began designing inspiring prints for her mother to help during cancer treatments. When she realized she could be using the prints as a tool to raise money for cancer awareness. Each piece is printed, cut, glued, scored, foiled, and packaged by hand. A lot of love goes into the production of each individual piece. One of my biggest joys in supporting and shopping ‘small’ is the stories behind the owners and the passions that drive them onward and up! Shop her stuff now here and enjoy all her awesome&creative designs!

Photos by Julie Christine Photography


View More: http://juliechristinephotos.pass.us/calendars



Herschel? Herschel for a diaper bag? Yes. So much yes. The perfect in between, bag for a mom on the go. Looking for something with a little more class, diaper pouch and sousou clip? Simple add-ons my friend! I have been carrying around an oversized Herschel Strand Duffle since Ez’ was born and I love it! Very versatile and big enough to just throw a few diapers a pouch for babe or to unpack and bring shopping. Also, I should note, the hubz doesn’t really mind that it’s a ‘cool looking bag’ either! (The only downside is that I added a poo emoji to the side, so that makes shopping fun when babe isn’t around. HA.)




Mommy&Me sets? Yes please! Time to celebrate mama and the little one who MADE that beautiful, strong, loving women a mama. Remzo Apparel has tons of great sets to choose from, or individuals if you are just looking for mom. But come on, who doesn’t love matching mom and babe clothes! They have almost all of their clothing is gender neutral and super fun to dress up with pigtails or ball caps. One of my all time favs is their ‘I need a nap’ shirts. Ez has yet to grow into hers, but soon, maybe in the summer, we will be posting for this awesome company once more. Rocking our matching T’s in the sunshine! Check them out here for their selection of awesome unique tee’s. Stock photos from Remzo Apparel.



‘Teething might be ugly, but the solution doesn’t have to be. Who said you can’t have both style & function! Inspired to find a teething solution that was safe yet stylish when our youngest started teething, we created Glitter & Spice Accessories Inc. for modern day parents that are safe and fun for babies to chew.’ –Lorene, owner of G&S.

These necklaces are 100% food grade silicone, perfect for baby’s gums, BPA free and no yuckies (Phthalate’s, Lead, or PVC’s) and they use only Organic untreated wood. My absolute favourite thing that G+S does is the wooden top clasp they use, it is so baby friendly and unlike any other company that resembles their pacifier clips. One thing that a lot of mamas go through is the teething stages. Dads go through it to, believe me! But mamas are usually the day in, day out comforters for the wee ones. Glitter+Spice has come out with some of the most beautiful CHEWllery pieces for the moms in your life. I love these beads for the beautiful neutral sets they have and they are perfect to aid your sweet little ones while in depths of teething season. Head on over to their page and check out their endless assortment of colours, styles, beads and lengths to make the perfect piece. Your mama’s and your baby’s will thank you for this! Stock Photos from Glitter&Spice.



Do you have a mama in your life who loves home décor? These beautiful handmade, custom crafted, painted and stained pieces are breathtaking. Seascapes, sunrises and sunsets are the heart beat to this talented woman. If your mama has an artist’s soul or a love for handmade beauty, this is it! Perfect for any type of mama, grandma, auntie mama, or sister mama! Enjoy and you’re welcome. Check her out on instagram (@thecedartribe) or facebook! She is new on there, so lets give Stephanie some love! Head on over to her Etsy page to see what new and custom designs she’s come up with this week. Always changing and bringing something new to the table, no two are alike!

Well, there you have it! That sums up our top ten gifts for mothers day! I hope you found something new to gift to that special woman in your life. If you found a new product or have been encouraged by some of the stories of the mamas behind each of these products, that brings me deep, deep joy! Make sure to head on over to the right of this page to find out how you can follow along and never miss a post! Enjoy your Mother’s Day!